Friday, October 29, 2010

Around the House

Cherub: I started a Dalek Club at school and Liam thought it was a Garlic Club.
Me: What do you do in a Dalek Club?
Cherub: (face and tone wondering why I even needed to ask that question) Be daleks...

(on my car dashboard)
Climber was Caught Being Good at school. He handed in some lost money to the office. I may have been heard to remark in the past that if you are desperate to receive one of these awards, the fastest way to go about it would be to hand in $2 and claim you found it, but I'm pretty sure I've only said that to other parents and not to the kids.  I also think that an observant teacher could have found other things about Climber's behaviour this whole year that warranted Being Caught Good, but I may be biased about this subject.

Cherub was sitting next to me at the computer when he suddenly sniffed and said I can smell your summer smell Mummy.  I was a bit nonplussed and asked if my summer smell was a bad smell, to which he said No it's nice. Not stinky like a smoker.  Then I asked if I had a winter smell and he said no.  It took me a while but I worked it out: he was referring to my eau-de-fake-tan. Most definitely my summer smell.

(from our garden)
Climber told me at Camp they had one meal of Build-Your-Own Hamburgers and that when he went to assemble his, he thought about what I would say and included some healthy vegetables into the burger, as opposed to just having meat, bun and tomato sauce.  Well, with the first burger he made anyway.  I had a my work here is done moment after he told me that.

We've been getting lots of lovely light through our kitchen window since they knocked down next door, which has been ace because our kitchen-&-living is normally rather dark.  But as you can see from this shot we are not going to have any view at all once they finish building.  The new place will be single storey, but owing to flood plain regulations, it is set rather higher than ours, and they are of course building it right up to the fence line.  One day I'm going to start a Society for the Preservation of Back Yards.

We have house-guests for the next ten days.  My sister is making her annual Spring Racing Carnival Pilgrimage to photograph the horsies, and she has brought my niece with her.  If you happen to buy an Australian postage stamp in the next couple of months, check and see if it has a racehorse called Saintly on it.  That is one of my sister's racehorse photos!  It is! We are feeling very proud and impressed by that.



  1. I want to join the Garlic Club and have a special stinky summer smell. And then I'll be vice chair of your SFTPOB. If you'll let me.

  2. You beautiful and talented redheaded sisters.

    Your beautiful and talented boys..

  3. Oh my, in contrast to you, do those glorious roses have a smell?

    And you know they hold therapy classes for adults who still hear their mother's voice inside of their head?

    Kind of reminds me of this guy who sat next to my mum at the railway station years ago. He started talking to her and he eventually said "you remind me so much of my grandmother". She thought it was kind of nice until he said "I REALLY hated my grandmother..." Lucky for her, the bus arrived at that moment.

  4. You really are going to lose all the light once that building goes up, aren't you?

    The roses look beautiful - I have a few roses in my new front yard and they're just about to bloom so I can see what colour they are. Not as pretty as that, I bet.

    Impressive stitching!

  5. Oh wow - congrats to the Climber and your sis too. That's awesome. Today is my sister's last day as Editor of Cage & Aviary magazine - I've been awfully proud of her and now she's walking away from the job, taking a voluntary redundancy package.

  6. Fancy having your work recognised on a stamp! Most impressive.

    I love the thought of small boys walking around a playground with flailing arms monotoning "exterminate"

  7. A stamp! That is way cool. I think I'd be suddenly sending a lot of letters and thank you notes and congratulations cards.

    Sorry to hear about the construction next door - that's been going a long time, hasn't it? Pain in the bum, I'm sure.

  8. I think if my children hear my voice in their heads it says: "Blah, blah, blah..." because I'm rather CERTAIN that nothing I say (unless it is something I shouldn't have said) sinks in.

    Feeling chuffed (stole it from you lot) in that know someone who knows someone who did something cool way, about your sister's photo! That is cool.

  9. OK, a few comments in one.
    Really enjoyed the tap dancing performance post!
    Yay to you for getting them all up there, and yay to your sister for having a stamp. I'm now hoping my latest box of 200 (work thing) is a horsey one.
    It's crummy that the new house next door is going to put gloominess into your house. I saw a picture once where people had put a big mirror (or was it a sheet of polished stainless steel?) on their fence to throw light back into the house. Sounds expensive, but if it was s/steel you could take it with you if you moved.
    Daleks have been "Garlics" at our house for ages (more than a decade). It's made its way into family vocabulary, along with barsticks (baskets), muriel (mural) and others. Garlic Club is excellent. I wonder if they go around exterminating people?


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