Monday, October 10, 2011

Eightness, MkII.

So I've missed posting about the Cherub's birthday by a week, but what with school holidays and now my sister and her kids staying with us, I just haven't had any quality time on the old computer.  Anyway, my baby is now 8, which is quite big really.  See?


I think he had nice celebrations. The weather was bad so we couldn't do the pizza in the park he'd requested, so instead we had Nell and Jenny's mob over to our house for pizza and birthday cake.


Then the next morning we went and saw The Smurfs movie with his 2 best friends, followed by some playtime back at our house...


... and more birthday cake.  It was all great fun.  I love the 2 little boys he is friends with, and they were delightfully cute at the cinema together.


Then at the end of it, on the Sunday evening, Cherub seemed deflated, and confessed that he felt slightly disappointed with it all.  I think I remember the same thing happening to Climber at around the same age, where expectations of how ace the birthday is going to be were not met by the reality.  He and I had a little chat as he had his bath and I tried to give him a sense of being grateful for what he did get instead of thinking about all the things he didn't.  That approach seems to have worked for the Climber, but they are very different children, so we'll see.

While we're here doing belated birthdays I should mention the other Libran celebrating in our house: Mister Fixit.  He and I were able to go out to dinner together that evening because my sister kindly did the babysitting honours, and we had a lovely time.


And there was, of course, cake, and lots of willing blowers to help with the candles.



  1. You are really getting quite proficient with all that cake making, they look delish.

    Happy birthday to the boys in your life!

  2. As a fellow Libran can I just wish your two Librans the happiest of birthdays. Nice to do it here as well as FB.


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