Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hello.  My house is full of my extended family til Monday, I am doing an extra job as well as my normal teaching, school is back on for my kids as are all their extra-curricular activities; in short, it's a bit of a madhouse. Can't read anyone else's blog let along write my own, so here.  Here's some Dalek art for you. 


When Cherub focuses on something, he really focuses on it.


He was drawing Dalek after Dalek and then looked to me for inspiration, asking what colour he should do this time.  Hmm, I wonder?  He also drew a bonus cyberman in my picture.  I'll be laminating this one.



  1. I love a kid who can creatively, exterminatingly FOCUS.

  2. I totally want a red one for my birthday ! (Please Cherub)

  3. What a lovely boy. And those eyes in the previous post! He'll break many hearts, that lad.

  4. Oh wow. I've been buying cheap colorful A4 sized frames from IKEA (they're roughly $2 here in Abu Dhabi) for such pictures the girls do. One day I plan on putting them all on show....


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