Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Open Mind Fiesta 2011

My tap school has been performing at the Open Mind Fiesta, which raises awareness about Mental Health, for the last 5 years. We were delighted to be asked to perform again this year in the new location in High Street Preston.  We took to the stage at 1.30ish on Sunday and we were a hit, if I do say so myself.  How could we not be, we had the unbeatable combination of adorable children and tap-dancing!


My sister, who's been staying with us, came and took some rather lovely shots for us with her fancy cameras. 


These 2 were taken as we warmed up in the church square, I love the light in them.


This year I invited my adult students to perform with the kids, and 5, count 'em, 5! were brave enough to join us. One of them said later that it was the best thing she'd ever done and that the high she felt as she walked off stage was better than anything! Love that.


In time for the performance, I'd just done a print run of new shirts, featuring the fabulous design work of Shannon aka Aunty Cookie.  You can see how ace they look in these photos and everyone loves them.  They are selling like hotcakes.


All the tappers did a wonderful job in their class numbers.  The babies were super cute with their rendition of The Pink Panther, and my sister fell in love with the Junior Shuffler's routine to Feist's 1,2,3,4.


Cherub's class reprised their famous Goodies routine with their usual aplomb.


Climber's class were a sensation with their tricky a'capella number, followed by a little bit of solo work.  Here's Climber caught mid-air doing his speciality: wings!


The best part of the show was definitely the big group number at the end; it's not only a great fun dance, it also has some vocalisation in it (they have to say Whoo! at regular intervals) and that brings a whole new energy with it.  It felt great.


Thanks to all the gorgeous tappers who came along and shared the tapping love.  You are the BEST!



  1. I think we're going to demand video of this kind of stuff somewhere down the line. I want to hear the Whoo.

  2. Echoing Coffee Lady - Whooo to be made public soon please.

  3. WHOOOOOOOOOO! Would have loved to have seen that (with a daggy great grin on my face).

    PS. Upon first fleeting glance of the top pic, I could have sworn you were wearing purple legs.

  4. I love that the grown up tappers joined in this time. Are they from the Nana Tap class?

    Fab close up of your legs and shoes in action.


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