Monday, October 03, 2011

September Hols

The September Holidays means going to the Royal Melbourne Show for us.   As ever, our rules for the Show are:

1. Get there early, go home early.  The later you stay at the Show, the uglier it gets, frankly.

2. If possible go with friends.  (This year we hooked up with my friend Jenny and her girls.)

Jenny's girls are standing here with Fixit and Cherub, Jenny seems to have avoided my camera, although that might be her foot.

3. One showbag is plenty, and doesn't mean we don't love our children as one bogan commented to us a few years ago on the train-ride home.  Seriously, I don't get the multiple showbag thing.  It seems so greedy!  Surely one bag of treats, be they toy or sugar, is enough for a kid?  A bag of treats is great, why would you buy them 5 (or more) bags of treats?

4. Children must pat animals before being allowed to do any carnival activities. The Show, after all, is about bringing the country to the city.

This chook pretty much fell asleep on Climber's lap, which made him feel very special.

The kids loved patting the cats, and also watching the playful antics of some nearby silver bengal (I think) kittens.

 This very impressive turkey was wandering around the poultry shed like he owned it. He wasn't keen on kids coming up behind him, which is fair enough. Tail like that, we were surprised he could even tell if he had stalkers.

 Fixit and Climber, aka the family irongutses, brave the Techno Jump, while the rest of us waved at them.

5. (a more recent rule) I must have a go on the Giant Slide.


... because it is SO MUCH FUN!


Full photo set here.


  1. I love that you always go on the purple slide.

    My middle boy went to the Show with friends this year (sob), bought only one showbag (so proud) and reported that he duly saw a pink poodle and a purple poodle, some cats and some dogs before he went on rides. And he was home by 6pm!

    ps. HORRIFIED that someone said you don't love your kids cos you only bought them one showbag each. OUTRAGED, even.

  2. Was so happy when Mr almost 15 texted me from our Show earlier this year and said they were going round the Agriculture Hall.

    And with Suse on being outraged.

  3. I've enjoyed this "Show post". I once went to the Royal Easter Show when I lived in Sydney and found it quite traumatic (I think it was a Too Many People thing). Nowadays we go to the Bairnsdale Show (early next month), the usual rides and sideshows and art/craft/sewing/photography/fruit/veg/wool clip/poultry etc etc. These are the exhibits I enjoy. The actual show stuff I guess.
    Can't handle fast show rides since having children (also claustrophobic ?? why).

  4. I wonder how many showbags that turkey got?

  5. We are diligently avoiding any possibility that the kid will hear about the Melbourne Show this year. We aim to keep expectations low by taking him to the Kyneton Show, all the food and craft fits in one small shed, there are various free kid activities as well as some basic carnie type activities, a bit of wine tasting, one show bag and then we walk home.

  6. You and your family are lovely.

    What is a showbag?


Don't let the cat get your tongue.