Sunday, October 08, 2006

Stylin' Up

Have I mentioned I tap-dance?

Here's a little montage of my posse, the Tap-pets, from performances over the last year or so. All these pics available to view on my tapping website any time in the last 12 months.

Note the stylish get-up. Funky military styling to give us that air of "tough yet cool" . And a touch of don't mess with us atty-tood.

I just thought I'd mention it because I hear there's another tap-troupe in town who might've adopted this look. Recently.

And I just want to say...

I think the military look is sooooooooo last season.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Always nice to see a fellow Melburnian. And yes, do go and read Possession, it's wonderful. I read everything Babelbabe tells me to, and she is always right!

    (Great tap shots)

  2. Hmmm .. I think I know that person.

    Someone gave me the wordup via email, and they suck, bigtime.

    Orf to look at your piccies now, so I can steal all your ideas for my own up'n'coming dance troupe ... oh ... I didn't tell you ? ( grin )

  3. I love tapdancing. I wasn't allow to do it as a child because I was already doing ballet.

    So three and a half years ago I started tap dancing classes. The first lesson was great, I loved it. And then that week I found out I was pregnant and it all went a bit pear shaped because I had initial difficulties. And so ended my tapdancing career. Every so often I pull the taps out and do a little jig to a Playschool song which amuses the child no end

  4. who is wearing army pants??? is it who I think it is?? or is it the slybitches...?? Im intrugued and always like a bit of gossip, gee really....

    and look there me in the pictures!!

  5. Suse: thanks and I will!
    H&B: Don't forget my dad is a lawyer!!!!
    My Float: you've got the shoes? You should try again when you're ready, its fuuuuuun!!
    1. get back to the barre
    2. can i just mention that you don't look dumpy in the army pants?

  6. I wish your school was closer to me, then I'd definitely give it a go. (Maybe when my son is at school in a couple of years...) I've been watching lots of old musicals with the kids and wish I had the moves.


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