Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Too awful.

This is going to sound white-bread and middle class and hopelessly emotive...

What is it with the human race that we have this potential for such cruelty towards each other? And how on earth can we deal with people like those vicious, stupid bogans who committed atrocities on a vulnerable young girl and then publicised it with their rancid DVD ?

I went to school with some pretty horrible bogans and I was scared of them and hated them, and I am therefore trying (probably uselessly) to protect my kids from that experience by sending them to school in an area where the families are kind, caring and decent people that I like and feel some kinship for. I know I'm naive and that I can't protect them from everything and that bad eggs are everywhere. I know this.

But if I could always keep my kids away from cruel thoughtless creeps like that, I would. My heart goes out to that poor child and her devastated parents.


  1. I know what you mean about the white-bread middleclass thing. I've resisted it, but for a long time now I've just wanted to avoid some members of society altogether by living in different suburbs, choosing different schools. Tonight's news claimed that these little toads come from "good suburbs". My heart breaks for that poor little girl and her parents. The only appropriate punishment for these boys surely is public humiliation.

  2. On my best days I do believe that, ultimately, everyone really does know the right way to live; what is fair, reasonable and responsible. That they know if their behaviour is aberrant and not in line with a civilised society's codes. And then I see a story like this. It tests this theory and then some. Any explanation seems hollow. I feel for the girl in question.

  3. I have ranted over it!

    I feel my rage is compounded, because it drives one to wish there were still Public Floggings, & Posses, & Tarring & Feahtering!

    If I dont rant, I will weep uncontrollably.

  4. Well said.

    I just feel so incredibly sad. What will become of that girl? And the boys? They must be made to atone for their revolting acts, both to the girl and to society, for a very very long time. I'm not sure prison is the answer here (even though deep down I agree iwth Meggie and think, YES to tarring feathering and flogging.) There has to be a way of making these boys understand their incredible cruelty and inhumaneness.

  5. I wrote a couple of versions of this post myself this morning, but in the end didn't publish any, because I just blathered on & on, and didn't feel the better for it :(

    I was so distressed yesterday, I stayed home in a funk, it really just killed me, really :(

    { delete delete }
    And there I go again...

  6. Flogging and garrote seem not inappropriate.

    That said, a lot of IMBECILES seem to believe that merely living in a "good" suburb and sending their kids to "good" schools releases them from any responsibility for their upbringing.

    OK. Must not dwell on this as hypertension runs in my family.



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