Friday, October 20, 2006

Who's Running This Blog, Anyway?

Earlier this week, the boys played a little trick on me. They got in the car ready to take Climber to school while I did my last minute mad scramble around for hats, schoolbags, keys, wallet, phone, sunglasses etc. And they sat in each other's seats.

It was very cute, especially Climber in the baby-seat, and they were laughing away at having tricked me, until I said "I'll get the camera".


I was told I wasn't allowed. So I said "why not?" and Climber said "no blog" .

Because he doesn't want people to laugh at him.

So I'm not putting the photo on the blog.


I have put a link to it here at my Flickr site.
You are only allowed to look at it if you promise not to laugh, okay?

The thing is, I don't think its that funny. Cute, yes. Funny - not really that side-splitting.

So I've included some photos I think are much funnier instead, which could probably follow on from H&B's "Kid In A Box" theme.

Because who's blog is this anyway?


  1. God, those kids are adorable !!
    I love the seat-swap pic ;)

    As for photos, I can hear that one coming my way soon .. or ... "Why can't you be normal like Joey's mum at school ?"

    Aint that the best ;)

  2. Mine are teenagers - I just get the eye-roll.

  3. Very smart - "no blog!" indeed!

    I don't know what my pair think I'm doing. I just get: "Are you doing 'puter work mum?" "You're very busy!" Yeeees. ;-)

  4. Love those gorgeous kids!
    The car seat is a really great pic.

  5. Yeah, you tell 'em.

    (OH they're going to be so cranky with you when they're old enough to look it up for themselves!)

  6. Those box photos are priceless.


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