Saturday, October 28, 2006


Yes, yes, its not quite Halloween yet, but this week we've been pulling out all our gothic stops.

We had Nell over for cake and birthday presents. Now that she's out fending for herself, she is in dire need of The Cook's Companion. As Nell says, she lost custody of Stephanie in the property settlement, but that may have been a good thing in the long run, as she is now the proud owner of the pretty rainbow stripe version and the reinstated missing 20grams of butter. I also decorated her cake in her fave motif, aka Emily the Strange , another queen of red and black. Although as you can see towards the bottom of the cake I ran out of black stuff.

Then last night (Friday) the Climber and I went to a Halloween Party with all the boys from Prep T. Apart from our hostess, I was the only other mother to dress up! She is really into Halloween and had all these spooky toys like a popcorn bowl with a hand in the middle that grabs you when you dip for popcorn. She'd done thematic food like ghost meringues on sticks and a black-spider cake that oozed green pus (jelly) when we cut it, the whole house was decorated with scary stuff and she told spooky stories and they played ghostly games like "Wrap the Mummy up like a mummy". (My team wrapped right over my face so I got scented toilet paper in my mouth, yecchh). And then she took us all out trick-or-treating which would have been more fun if it hadn't been so bloody cold out. We came home with an enormous stash of goodies, which even when split generously 16 ways there was excess. I guess Fixit and I'll have to eat a lot of it for him, I really don't want my kids having that much sugar..sigh.

This is the Climber getting ready

And this is the face of the one who was left behind ...

and this was the ghostly howl that followed us as we drove away.

" ..I want to come toooo... come back ....I want party tooooooo..."


  1. Oh, you and the climber looked great. I have to sympathise with "...the one that was left at home", as being the last of three sisters that was my role in the family :-)!

  2. LOL !!

    Great makeup! Son No 1 sure knows how to ham it up as Young Dracula, doesn't he ? ;)

    Good on you for dressing up, and how's that teacher ? Keep her, she's a goodun.

    The other night was freezing though .. i'm not sure I could have done out ( thermals under the witchy-poo skirt ? )

    fun ! :)

  3. you are the coolest Mum who dresses up with her kids..... i guess all those years of being a star... Love it! ps what do you mean youve never been to chaddy????

  4. Looks like lots of fun!!! Love the jelly coming out of the cake idea!

  5. What fun!

    I lose a little bit more of my Halloween hatred every year.

    I wonder, if it was a bit more Australian would I still dislike it? Maybe I should dress up the kids as Big Bad Banksia Men and set them loose on the locals?!

    (Nice call on the Stephanie Alexander: I nearly signed up to one of those 'you only have to buy six a year' book clubs just so I could get a stripey copy for a mere $20... I may still sent in the coupon!)

  6. Nutmeg : We ALL sympathised with the one who got left behind, you've never seen anything more pathetic.
    H&B: Thermals, I wish
    Jo: Glad you find it cool I still like to dress up at my age, I'm thinkin' maybe a bit sad and daggy. But then a party happens and I just can't help myself..
    Bec: You should get Steph for $20. But don't tell me you've done it. I hate finding out about bargains just after I've paid the full whack for something!

  7. Wait, which recipe is missing 20g of butter? (I have the old orange version, not the pretty stripes).


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