Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wine Bargain Alert!

Melbourne Bloggers!!! Have you heard about the $2 and $3 wine at Dan Murphy's? South Australian chardonnay for $2 a bottle and cab merlot for $3, apparently usually selling at around $16 but being thrown out due to some wine glut. We bought 12 bottles last night, haven't tasted it yet but at that price even if it is ordinary which my friend tells me its not, there's your cooking wine and the wine you bring out for people you you don't really like covered for the next few months!! Only available till Sunday and limited to 6 cases per customer. And also has been mentioned on ACA so you might want to get in early....

Spent last night catching up on the final 2 episodes of Doctor Who (damn social life has been interfering with my television schedule) and I loved these lines from it.

Make sure you read them in a metallic dalek voice.

Dalek : Daleks have no concept of elegance
Cyberman : This is obvious


Cybermen: You have just declared war
Dalek : This is not war. This is Pest control.

Laugh, laugh, laugh.

I have been enjoying having a sexy Doctor for the new series, both Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. Was I just too young the first time round or are these in fact the first sexy doctors? I think all those Sylvester McCoy/ Colin Baker people who I never even watched just went for eccentric and funny, but what about their predecessors? I think no, but perhaps I didn't know better. Should ask my Mum.
Mum, did you ever fancy Jon Pertwee in that velvet tux and the frilly shirt? Or Tom Baker in the scarf?


  1. No, certainly not Jon Pertwee. Tom Baker well - there were certainly frissons, and I loved his interpretation, but the series was definitely not about heterosexual relations. Leela was a much more active companion, instead of spending large chunks of time screaming piercingly like her predecessors, and SHE certainly was kitted out in sexier gear.
    However the last Dr Who programme, with Rose, was just so mushy!! Rather off-putting. Time doesn't stand still for bursting into noisy sobs when there is a countdown going on to either unlimited death and destruction or last minute saving of the world.

  2. Yep, we've just stocked up with 3 cases this week. The deal is over at our Dan's now though. It's surprisingly drinkable, we've bought it before.

  3. I have just emailled the hubs about the drinkies ( code talk for : mama needs wine, stat ! )
    Hopefully there'll be a case left with my name on it. After all, it's Spring and there's a deck, and ... ok, so i'm an alcoholic.

    Never watched Dr Who. I only remember the dude with the scarf from my youth ( waiting for The Goodies to come on, or was it on after the Goodies ? anyway .. ). The music used to scare me slightly...

    WHOOoOOoooOhhh .. ooh .. ooh .. oohh... doo doo doo doo....

    The new people look hot though, and i've always thought Billie Piper was a cutie ( is she still on ? )

    Well, aren't I the chatty commenter tonight ? Avoiding dinner duty actually .. ;)

  4. moving to melbourne right NOW! that wine sounds too good to be true. you must let us know how it turned out!

  5. MF: Halfway through our first bottle and nothing wrong with it at all!! Berated the kids for spilling some though ... "do you know how much that stuff costs!?!?" (heeheehee.)
    H&B: Hope the hubby gets you some.
    LC:Wish we'd got more now!

  6. Definately sexy doctors now - Tom baker used to creep me out (even if I was only 10!)

  7. My boys have been quoting "It's pest control" all week. (They've only watched it the once too!)

    And damn, how come I'm only reading about the Dan special on Sunday night? Missed out, pissed off!


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