Thursday, October 12, 2006

Snippets from my week

Climber returns to school and develops obsession with a first-grade girl called Shiraz (still trying to find out if she has a sister called Chardonnay, will keep you posted). Obsession apparently caused by the fact that she kicked one of his mates in the face. Climber seen next morning cuddling his pillow and calling it Shiraz, and telling Cherub to get his own pillow/Shiraz. Announces he can't wait to get to school to play with Shiraz. Find out later he did in fact go up to her and ask if he could play with her but she wouldn't let him. (Heartless minx!!!) Obsession continues unabated but morphes into a 'chasing girls' type game with his preppy-boy-posse, involving a lot of very dramatic peeking round corners and diving behind trees. Best moment: when 5 of the boy-posse decided to hide by crouching behind a 2-foot-high wall, not realising we could still see their school hats. On the day I forgot my camera.
I'm wondering if Shiraz's "assault/ignore" technique might be the modern way to get yourself a fella.
Or at the very least a stalker.

Cherub quite enamoured suddenly by concept of undies. Even sits on toilet for the first time, although he doesn't manage to produce anything. Wears undies successfully for the hour before bathtime and looks completely gorgeous in a Bob-the-Builder pair. Gets squidged by doting parents many times. Insists on taking them to bed that night, and to creche the next day. In his hand, not on his bottom. "Look I got undies!!" he announces to everyone. When he tells Climber he's got undies like his big brother and me, gets corrected. Apparently only the boys in this house wear undies. I wear knickers. Now you know.

Cooking Disaster #? (lost count)
Do the right thing, use left-over roast lamb bone to make stock. Proceed to remove bone and other ingredients by tipping contents into a colander straight down the sink as in the manner of draining pasta. Lose half the stock down plughole before realising.

I think the main thing here is that I made the effort to produce home-made stock...


  1. I've done the pouring the stock through the colander too. ARGHHH!! I feel your pain.
    Shiraz huh? My daughter has a Fleetwood at her school. His sister is Rhiannon. Despite this, apparently their parents are normal :-)

  2. Enjoyed a laugh over this blog.
    Small Grandson is very pleased about having undies, & has been since he was small, when I got him some of those little pullups instead of nappies. He couldnt wait to grow up!
    Love the stock story!

  3. Very funny. I just can't get mine into undies. He's resisting the change beyond my expectations. Given he's going to pre-school next year, it will be interesting to see how it pans out!

    I laughed at the cooking mishap. I've done that more than once!!

  4. Shiraz? What is it with names? I always think; how these kids going to feel about these sorts of names when they are adults. I was recently introduced to a lady named Kelly Kelly. No one warned me beforehand. I nearly laughed and said: Are you serious? What were her parent's thinking? I wondered whether she ever considered changing it herself.

    As to the stock - this has never happened to me mainly because I've only attempted to make my own stock once or twice and I should have purposely tipped my down the sink; it was that bad.

  5. Those knickers would be to cover your funny, wouldn't they? (see - I pay attention!)

    The doorbitch says :noymalx, which sounds like a nasally approach to telling you everything is as it should be!

  6. Poor Shiraz. I guess it was grape d'jour on conception night ... which is EXACTLY what you want to be reminded of later on in life. Yukk-oh.

    Love the knickers story ;)


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