Friday, October 26, 2007

Babies love boxes.

Flashback Friday theme this week is Best and Favourite Toys and Activities. So here is my sister (on the left) with me, doing one of the all-time-favourite kid activities. Which is of course, playing with or sitting in a box.

Maybe one that your Christmas present came in.

Maybe one that the nappies came in.

Maybe one you don't even fit in any more.



  1. Awesome photos! Also cool is the fact that some diapers in Australia come in a box with a baby kangaroo on it. I never knew ...

  2. Tanya, I still bet they were made in China though.

    They are gorgeous photos, both of Cherub and you and your sister.

  3. I see Cherub and MC share some of the same toys ... and picture poses ;)

    I still collect cardboard boxes for rainy day play. Recently we made a postbox.

    You can't beat the box.

  4. I've never seen those nappies before! But (whispering now, so not to jinx things) I may never need to buy them again.

  5. What big ears that kangaroo has!

    Nothing better than a cardboard box. Once we were lucky enought to score a fridge box and my husband even cut windows in it for the kids. Hours of fun...until it gets wet.

  6. Those are lovely pictures. And what a gorgeous Cherub you've got there!

    My kids were always fascinated with the box the baby wipes came in. They could open and close the lid on those boxes for HOURS.

    Who needs lego...

    Heidi :)

  7. Yep, boxes are best. Until they are left lying around the house, half cut up, half chewed and become home to 3 week old pieces of apple and banana.

  8. What M said. Hours of fun and inevitably disintegrates around the house! But then they can play with the vacuum for a while.

  9. You know my feelings about that. Santa should just leave boxes, ribbons and packing material. Entertains the kids much longer than the actual toys that come in them.

    Tracey, you were SUPPOSED to tell your kids that refrigerator boxes do NOT have indoor plumbing.

  10. Ah, I remember when we moved house, we acquired an ENORMOUS square box that my seven-year-old sister could comfortably sit in and close the lid. (I was nine and could sit, but not close the lid without bending). I remember sitting in it for a quiet read from time to time.

    It made an excellent hideaway for quite a while, until it fell to bits. Evidently children are not claustrophobic.

  11. Cute photos!
    Boxes are the best toys. If the kids don't play in them, the cat will....

  12. Gorgeous photos. Of both generations.
    Don't you feel sorry for our distant ancestors- they didn't have cardboard boxes to play with!

  13. He looks like you does Cherub

  14. I love that photo of you and your sister in your vintage cardboard boxes! And the modern-day equivalents are cute too.

    Hours of fun for all the family.


Don't let the cat get your tongue.