Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Baby names and other stuff

* Our pram has moved up in the world. It's carrying royalty now. The girl we gave it to called her daughter "Princess". Seriously.

* Mister Fixit brokeit. He defrosted the fridge and the thermostat snapped. Probably due to the Titanic-sinking amount of ice attached around it. We had to call in a Professional Fixit. That's 2 household appliances gone bust recently, no wait, 3 if you count the gas heater which Fixit managed to kickstart into life again. It broke the same weekend as the great oven disaster and we couldn't be bothered calling in the landlords again.

* We had Crafty and her mob over for a barbecue on Sunday.

* We went to the zoo on the weekend - there were extra activities to celebrate Children's Week. I stood my kids in front of a dancing activity and they stayed stock still. Then as we waited in line for the carousel they played Abba's Dancing Queen and Climber burst into a spontaneous tapdance. When we left the zoo they gave us a showbag and a questionnaire. Which included this question: What do you think Children's Week celebrates? Umm..... children? Is that a trick question?

* That freaky hot day on Sunday? Gelobar. Blood orange, passionfruit and mango gelati. Mmmmm.

* I shouted at Climber for making me shout at him when I had all but lost my voice. I knew it was insane at the time but I was really pissed off.


  1. That does sound very busy. The gelato looks very yum. And at least the baby was a girl, a boy named Princess would have a hard life. Hope your voice returns.

  2. I'm just envious of the T-shirt and shorts weater. And the gelato. Especially when winter is REALLY on its way here...brr...


  3. Lovely kids, lovely weather, lovely photos, happy days.

    What more could anyone ask for?

  4. I was wondering where you were.

    Your pram-friends probably are old Peter Andre fans. that's what he called his latest sprog.

    And P.S. - if you're being all lofty in the name-dept, do you *really* need a 2nd-hand pram ? They should be getting the gold one i've seen Gwen Stefani sporting of late

    And yes, I read a lot of Celebrity baby type blogs, so i'm right up there on Princesses and Gold Prams ;)

  5. Eh, our gas heater is broken too. Good thing it's getting hotter!

  6. Does this person know about Suss' CTR ban on naming abuse? Love the Climber *climbing* the tree! Living up to his name.

  7. Ha! I LOVE the tag!! How much would it cost to courier a fridge to Melbourne from Townsville??? We've got a spare :/

  8. Princess? PRINCESS? Really? You've gotta be kidding!
    But probably not.
    Our former Member of Provincial Parliament (before he got fired for misrepresentation of a uni degree that he didn't really have) called his sons Major and Captain!!!
    It takes all kinds to make a world.

  9. Broken down appliances are no fun!

    Love the pic of Climber climbing.

    When my voice goes I get very cranky if I have to repeat myself, let alone shout!

  10. You are a brave person indeed, shepherding a group of children on an outing. On the other hand, perhaps it isn't as scary when there's more than one adult.

    Happy times.

  11. Hahaha, funny post!

    Cringing at the Princess tag.

    I hope she grows up fat and blotchy with chin hair.

    Then we will see if she fits the name.

  12. Had to laugh at the shouting comment, I shout the same thing at Little P!

  13. My gosh! I have just noticed how much Climber has grown!! & Matured!
    I know that feeling of spontaneous dance when great music begins- I have been caught in the act! In public! & I don't dance anymore.
    Your boys are such treats!!

  14. Your kids look like BIG kids in these photos! All grown up and mature.

    I always try to imagine babies as old ladies or men with their names. How ridiculous will Princess be when she is 95 yrs old and in a nursing home and the staff come to see her?

  15. Princess at 95 yrs old and in a nursing home, I can handle...but Princess as a barrister representing me in the Supreme Court? Perhaps not.

    Laughing at your tag!


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