Wednesday, October 31, 2007

In brief

It's like that scary pottery teacher has psychic powers. I totally forgot to take Climber to his pottery class today. She just knew I was that sort of mother.

In other news I think the Cherub's eyes are turning green.


  1. He's adorable. I love that picture.


  2. My passport says 'blue' eyes, yet they started to turn greenish in my 20's, I swear. I'm still not sure what colour they really are ?

    I have a g/f with similar coloured eyes to me, and she SWEARS the same.

    I think it just means me, her, and the Cherub are cooler than most.

    Or we are all possessed.

    And *that* is an award-winning portrait of him.

    Cherubic. Natch.

  3. My goodness that young man is going to break some hearts when he gets older!

  4. I just love his curls. His eyes ARE green. They might be like mine, green or brownish, depends on what I'm wearing. Bugger off, pottery teacher, find someone else to scare.

  5. Green is good.

    and such a beautiful post about your friend Nell..

  6. Oh, I love having company, especially that of such a Cherub. My eyes are green. Sort of. Well, maybe frog pond green, but green nevertheless....

  7. How funny I just looked at Luca the other day and said "I think your eyes are turning green". He said in a hopeful voice "Blueish Green?"

  8. That is one fantastic photo.

    Of course, having such an adorable subject helps.

  9. Cherub has green eyes?

    And the future women of the world are going to have to pay.

    That kid is a knockout.

  10. Mmm mmm, what a spunk! I'm keeping my eye on that boy and may look him up when I get a bit older ... he's just about the right age for me!

  11. Gorgeous photo. Heart-breaker in the making you have there.

    Too funny about forgeting pottery!

  12. One of the reasons I do so love my Pete is that he has green eyes. He gave them to both of our children.

    Your boy is aptly named - he does look cherubic.

  13. My Peter has green eyes, too. Guaranteed to inspire lust in all women :) Lucky Cherub!

  14. What a nasty pottery teacher! I can't believe people like that are allowed to have anything to do with kids. Or parents.

    Lovely pictures.


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