Monday, October 08, 2007

Starting Over.

I am going to share some images from the family nuptial celebrations we attended this weekend, and I do apologise if looking at other people's wedding photos makes your eyes bleed.

Here is the bride, Fixit's older sister, emerging from the limousine.

These are the children of the first marriages of the bride and groom. The two on the left are twins and 8 years old, our niece and nephew. As you can see, our niece is glowing with happiness, she sparkled all day. Our nephew was under threat of no Simpsons, computer or Playstation for a year if he failed to smile in the photos. As you can see, he doesn't actually manage to crack a smile but he stayed still and didn't pull belligerent faces which is an enormous improvement on his usual attitude to being photographed. All 3 kids were really well behaved over the long day.

Got to show you the Mother of The Bride, of course. Also have to show you the Brother of The Bride, in a tie! We don't see that very often round here.

A phrase that cropped up a couple of times during the ceremony was: "God brought the bride and groom together through the internet". I guess that's one of those things that nobody will bat an eyelid at in years to come, but I hadn't previously equated God with internet usage before this weekend. Anyway, it is pretty much what happened, they met through an online Christian site at the beginning of the year. Marrying them was the Groom's best friend, a pastor at their church in South Australia. His service was particularly heartfelt due to his evident affection for the bride and groom.

We hung out with these people and had enormous fun. They are Fixit's big brother and his partner. I would say we all had equal sized headaches the next morning. The bride and groom (and many of the groom's family) are teetotal but as they'd asked Fixit's parents to pay for the wedding, it was not a 'dry' reception. Although we had to do all the wedding toasts with non-alcoholic champagne.

And here at last are the Bride and Groom. We won't be seeing much of them anymore as they are all going to live in South Australia from now on.

Finally I give you Pa Fixit and me, dancing the Bridal Waltz.

Fixit disappeared when it started, (he always disappears when the bridal waltz starts!!! Not that I'm at all bothered by this, can you tell?!) Allegedly his bladder was bursting after the hour-long speeches. But he joined me quite a lot for the rest of the dance-floor action.

Is it only in Australia that you can pretty much predict the songlist at a wedding reception? You know, the Macarena, the Nutbush, the Chicken Dance, the Bus-stop, the Jive Bunny rock n roll mix, the Jive Bunny Beach Boys mix etc etc.

I've got a spare copy of the Mrs Wainwright cd (the one I tap-danced on) for the first person who can guess the Bridal Waltz song. You only get one guess.


  1. Definately something in 4/4. They all are these days, and you just can't waltz properly unless it's in 3/4.

    I tried googling most popular wedding songs but there were just too many truly awful ones to choose from.

    But check this out: "Money/Dollar (Honeymoon) Dance music (Optional) Played during the time the Bride & Groom dance with guests while the Best man and Maid of Honor collect the money for their honeymoon." OMG !!!

    I'm going with "I Will Always Love You" - the Whitney version

  2. you are so beautiful - to me Joe Cocker

    Although nell's choice could well be on the money..

    As you love birth stories - I love wedding photos!

  3. It's a Long Way to the Top if you Want to Rocknroll?

    The pipes always bring out the waltzer in me.

    Dammit I really do want that CD.

  4. The Rose.

    If this one's right, I'm going to shoot myself.

  5. I'm going out on a limb here:
    Guy Sebastion 'Angels brought me here' or whatever it is called, and I have no idea if it's 4/4 but you could sway to it.

  6. Can't remember the name of it but that HIDEOUS Shania Twain song that goes "I still love you" or something like that *retch* *gag*
    Fixit looks very handsome in a tie and I wish my arms looked like your arms.
    ps that song is called "You're still the one" I just googled it.

  7. I love other people's weddings. SI the Pastor *straining* though ? Looks painful.
    Climber looks sooooooooooooooooo much like Fixit. Cherub's yours.

    You look glowing ( alcohol ? )

    Their Wedding Waltz:
    What Crafty said.
    My Heart Will Go on, Celine Dion ?

    I'd like someone to do "Lose Yourself" by Eminem though.
    That would be cool.


  8. One guess, Shula!!!!

    Also, maybe saying bridal waltz is misleading. I assumed we'd all know that Aussie couples mostly just assume a waltz-like position and kind of sway. Australian men almost never do formal dancing.

  9. hmmm... been a long time since I attended a wedding. Can't begin to think. Really, can't think, now can't type -- need to assist someone in the toilet. Argh.

  10. Dammit, I've been gagged.

    Nice dress, Stomper.

  11. It's actually fun seeing other people's weddings.

    The kids do look like they're being well-behaved, which is particularly a feat for young men. Not only are weddings not within their sphere of interest, but they don't have alcohol to look forward to at the reception.

    If I had things to do over in my own life, I'd start issuing alcohol from the moment people arrived at the wedding. I think the men in particular would be much happier.

  12. My heart will go on..or what ever that horrid theme from the Titanic was. nice frock stomper

  13. You look lovely in your fancy dress up clothes! I'm blowing my guess on something tongue in check: White Wedding by Billy Idol. I know that's not it, but wouldn't it have been funny?

  14. New Diva on the BlogTue Oct 09, 04:17:00 am GMT+10

    Looks like a wonderful time had by all, and some of your better people have an anniversary on this very same weekend!

  15. You look lovely. :-)

    And I couldn't even begin to guess what song was chosen...

  16. Have not been to a wedding for so long, I have forgotten how they work!
    No idea on the song to sway to.
    Nice pics though, & you looked fab!

  17. "We've only just begun", by the Carpenters.

    I love weddings. I love looking at wedding photos. The mother of the bride or groom with fixit (or whoever she was now that I am on a different page commenting and too lazy to go back) looks lovely, I really like her outfit.

  18. I know, I know, Starting over....
    (good grief!)

  19. Come on you non-guessers! Wimps.

    I see I will have to open up the competition to Shula again. And anyone else who fancies another crack.

  20. Songbird by Fleetwood Mac

    anything by John farnham

    Roll Over Lay Down and Let Me in

    (Getting silly now)

  21. Well, seeing that Wind beneath my wings (or is it wings beneath my wind) is taken I will have to guess...ummmmmm Unchained Melody.


  22. Please say I'm wrong, but I'm guessing "Can I have this dance for the rest of my life" by someone whose name may be Anne Murray????

    Gah, I hate myself for that! I prefer the billy idol selection.

  23. That atrocity by Celine Dion. You know the one.

    ps. Fixit is more and more like the Major from I Dream of Jeannie every blog post.

  24. Oh look DUH!!

    I just saw the heading of your post.

    Now because I am only allowed one guess, and I wasted mine earlier today with my hasty, poorly thought out answer, I will just say, "read the heading folks".

    And now I have a song in my head that I really don't want there because it annoys the crap out of me.

  25. the label that you used doesn't mean that it was mambo number five - does it?

    I'm looking for clues like a paranoid fool!

  26. Looks like a wonderful ceremony. Congrats to them.

  27. In an effort to demonstrate that your clue is very cryptic, and it was difficult to work out the song title, i just showed Ashleigh this post. She guessed immediately, without any coaching.

    Maybe I'm stoopiderer that I thought. (Curse that school learnin)

  28. AND...after reading these comments she said "I can't believe how old you people are"

    She's grounded...til she's 30

  29. Pixie, Aunty Evil are brilliant. But not as smart as Ashleigh! Tell her she can't go to France now Tracey. She should have more respect for her elders.

  30. Looks like a great day, though all that song talk has me confused. In Scotland, we ceilidh dance at weddings - Scottish dancing - great fun.

    You look so glamorous.

  31. Um, the post title was nothing to do with the competition and everything to do with the Bride. She can't stop telling me how life began again for her after 40.

    There's such a thing as being too clever, obviously. The song (as Nell so rightly surmised)would probably come into the list of Top 10 Wedding Songs. But there was nothing cryptic going on.

  32. oh, alright then. "what a wonderful world". maybe that's a kiwi thing.

  33. I'm with Shula. Very flattering dress. (And you fretted over turning 30.)


  34. Okay, I'm guessing it wasn't "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again" (complete with yelled next sentence) or "Who Let The Dogs Out". I did go to one wedding where they danced to "Is She Really Going Out With Him?"
    Umm, my guess is Unchained Melody.

  35. Celine Dion: Because you loved me. I would say At Last by Etta James, but that is a beautiful song and I don't think they picked it. Wish someone would do White Wedding, I really do.... just to give me a giggle.

  36. Sheeps':
    "Is She Really Going Out With Him?"


    Wish i'd thought of it.


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