Monday, October 01, 2007

The Cherub ...

... used to look like this.

.. is cheeky. And an entertainer. And a smooch. left-handed (we're pretty sure). And he loves to do whatever his big brother does.

... thinks The Climber is the best person in the whole world. The best.

... is a very sociable chap. He loves to play with his friends. He loves to go to creche. He has many grown-up friends too. He has nearly killed himself by trying to rush on to a crowded main road so that he could hurl himself into the arms of one of his favourite people, Elda.

... has a Best [grown-up] Friend in Nell. When she comes to our house on Saturday they are almost inseparable. She lets him help make her coffee and he wants her to give him his bath and read his bedtime story. They have a special bond.

... is lucky to be surrounded by loving family and friends. No wonder he is such an affectionate, happy, good-natured little boy. He and Climber are the lights of our lives, the apples of our eyes.

... still needs help blowing out the candles on his birthday cake.

... is 4.


  1. Can you believe he's four already? Yes - how did that happen?

  2. I love that he needs to hold his curls back while he blows out his four candles.
    What an exciting age four can be. He is old enough to know his mind and his manners.
    He is just beautiful.

  3. And if you ever need to get rid of him....

  4. oh-mi-gosh, what a lovely post for a lovely boy.

    Happy 4th B'day Cherub !

    P.S. - you have a cool backyard ;)

    P.P.S. - betcha Mum cried as she typed this...

  5. I HAVE to say it: he is so PRETTY. Those curls are just so precious.

  6. ...back off Shula - I've got first dibs !

  7. He's so wonderful, Stomper - Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

  8. You forgot: adorable
    ...has the best hair on the continent
    ...has the best and sweetest smile.

    Happy birthday! This post gave me goosebumps!

  9. What a beautiful, beautiful boy.

  10. He is the cutest thing.

    Happy birthday, Cherub!!

  11. Four?!?


    He's just gorgeous, and so happy!

    Hope he has a wonderful birthday.

  12. That's a sweet post and those pictures are precious!

  13. He is lovely. I adore that he adores Climber so! That is precious.

  14. Wow! Four already.
    He is such a beautiful child!
    They both are!
    And credit must go to their parents, who are lovely too.

  15. Happy Birthday Cherub! My goodness, 4. It goes so fast, doesn't it? And I agree with everyone else, he is adorable.

  16. As I have said before - dear little libran boy.

    You made me cry Stomper Girl - I think you tap danced on my heart!

  17. Gorgeous boys!
    I have two boys and just love how the little one adores the big one. He looks at him with such love and admiration ...... then punches him.

  18. I am asking the same question as Jasper is about to turn two and I am the parent of a nine and seven year old. Time.

    I'd like a recipe for the cupcakes too!

  19. awww, lovely. Happy birthday cherub.

  20. Happy Birthday Cherub! The FB turned 4 almost 3 weeks ago. Where did the time go?

  21. New Diva on the BlogWed Oct 03, 03:49:00 am GMT+10

    What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your little cutie with us!

  22. Four? Wow! Happy Birthday Cherub.......

  23. Happy birthday, Cherub.

    Four? Just you wait till he's 23, like my baby... It seems no time since he was four. Sigh. (Though he's still adorable.)

    Enjoy these lovely years. I'm sure you do.

  24. Happy Birthday Cherub!!! Looks like a fabulous birthday with all that fantastic food!! 4 is such a great age!!
    Your boys are so gorgeous!!

  25. Oh my god he is a lovely looking boy. It takes my breath away.

    Happy birthday gorgeous boy.


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