Sunday, November 04, 2007

At least the bloody thing came in a big cardboard box.

So it's like this. I finally got a new computer (an Aldi special) which is unreal, my old one was so slow my calculator was taunting it.


I needed to transfer all my data across from the old one. And it looked like this would be okay to do because there's this program on the new computer called Windows Easy Transfer and once I set about networking the two machines I was, as you would be, expecting an "easy transfer". But clearly, putting "Windows" in front of the phrase "easy" is by way of being an oxymoron. One week later and only some of my files are on the computer despite my four attempts to easily transfer them and what's worse is that the software on the new computer does not really know that these files actually made their way across before the program aborted itself, so they are hidden in all sorts of weird places and aren't talking to each other at all. So I'm still doing my emails on the old computer because I'm resisting keying in all my data manually because that would mean that I wasted the whole of last week doing so-called "easy transfers". Also I don't really understand Vista so everything is taking longer than if I did it on the the really slow computer. Which is completely annoying.

The upshot is that blogging has gone out the window because any spare time spent in front of the 'puties has been spent unhappily; swearing and searching and registering and feeling confused. Instead of pleasurably, reading my favourite blogs. And then the Blog Every Day in November campaign started and so I can't even look at my bloglines without having a panic attack.

Also my sister and niece are staying here for the Spring Carnival (Bron is a racehorse photographer) which is lovely. And keeping me busy obviously.

And I really have to do the newsletter for Cherub's creche but this requires work on the stupid computers (both of them) and by now I'm so cranky about everything taking twice as long that I give up really quickly.

And I had another tap gig on Friday night which was unreal fun, with Melbourne's notorious and hilarious and frankly charming Town Bikes. (seen below with their crazed ballet routine)

It was a fantastic night, with a sort of high-school social feel to it, in between the featured dance acts. (Us. Oh and others like the go-go dancers, the swing dancers, the kabuki dancer, the boot-scooters. Something for everyone really)

Except that in tap shoes, the stage was as slippery as an ice rink, and also I dropped my hat once which is as distracting as a wardrobe malfunction in terms of performance satisfaction.


I just wanted you to know that I'm wanting to be there reading blogs and leaving comments, but it's really not happening at a satisfactory rate at present. At least this Thursday night I can do some face to face commenting... no stupid computers involved.


  1. I'm sorry to hear/read this. I hate computers, too. Especially when I get a new one, and have to do the transition. I often wait months before switching, and only switch when I have absolutely no choice because the old computer is facing imminent death.
    I hope you can figure this transfer thingy out, and soon!

  2. Don't you just love machines?

    Good luck ... and keeping taking deep breaths ... it stops the brain from imploding ..

  3. Computers - wonderful when all is well, but they suck big time when things go wrong. Hope everything gets sorted out soon!

  4. You should ring your kind helpful cousin...or get one of those litle thingies on which you can store files and then copy them across. I forget what they are called..I do sympathise: computer frustration levels are horrific.
    Maybe you already have and it still does not work.
    love from machappy mamma

  5. oh god how frustrating.

    and that dance show looks like great fun - hopefully you were able to tap out some of the frustration.

  6. Ugh I hope you get all the computer stuff figured out. My hubs always takes care of that stuff - I think that's why I keep him around. LOL

  7. I sympathise. My laptop has just keeled over and MrV has had to fix it. I'll ask him if he has any suggestions.

  8. I concur with Stompermamma - try a stick ( a memory stick, not a huge whop-it-with-a-branch. Although, that could be Plan B)

  9. Ugh. New computer. Joy and pain. Ugh.

    The suggestion about getting an external drive to manually copy files to may not be bad. Alcohol might also be helpful.

  10. Yeah, what the others said. Get an external drive of some type (a stick will cost about $30 and will contain enough room for all your files, if not, do it piecemeal, or an external harddrive will cost about $120 and will act as a backup drive for the future). Both plug into the usb and let you manually control the transfers. Save yourself the heartache.

    Trust nothing to Windows.

    Especially Vista.

  11. What family adventure said, although you DID wait until imminent death, I know ...

    I have Vista too, and don't mind it actually, although there are bugs with email if you used Outlook, and I didn't like Vista Mail, so am now using Thunderbird .. which is annoying...

    I simply lost a heap and had to learn to forget it, as my other computer died thoroughly, taking everything with it. Lucky I print out my photos every now & again, as I suppose they are the only thing I *really* care about, when it comes down to it ...

    Good Luck !

  12. wazxuMrV dittoed the external harddrive suggestion. A USB stick would work just as well but would take a bit longer. Alternatively he said get an ethernet cable and connect the two pcs to eachother and network them

  13. Urgh. My head was spinning reading that. I seem to recall a good friend cursing Vista (not compatible with her internet provider?) too. Good luck getting it sorted. Roll on Thurs...

  14. You need a Computer Guy.

    I have one, and he makes house calls, should you need it.

    Either that, or get a decent memory stick, and dump it all across.

  15. I have only one piece of advice and that's get a Mac.


  16. and I must admit that I am typing this on a mac - a recent convert...

    it was fantastic to take away with me.

  17. Bugger! I feel your pain. My greatest fear is that my computer will need upgrading.

    keep chugging away. I think I can, I think I can...

  18. Blah - computers are like cars to me - I can steer them but that's all. Though I do have to say I am a big fan of memory sticks - they could be your answer or you could just pick H&B's brain on Thurs.... (and mine, but you best choose another topic!)

  19. Oh jeepers. Now I'm puttng off getting a new computer even longer. The thought of transferring all the files just gives me a headache.

  20. But as wardrobe malfunctions go, dropping your hat is very tame... and I'm sure you were still spectacular. As for the computer woes, you have my sympathy.

  21. I hate new computer purchases. Hate them! I got a new one at work in December. And Rob, my techno genius in residence helped me through it. His tip was to reload the programs, THEN use a memory stick to transfer files over. I don't use outlook for email, so no email nightmares. Sending you happy PC vibes. And crossing my fingers.

  22. Forget the rest- what a fabulous photo of you!! You look gorgeous!

  23. problems....nothing worse.

    But on the positive side, the dancing looks like fun...and if dropping a hat is as bad as your wardrobe malfunctions get, you're probably okay :)

  24. Computers, a little like that old adage about men, "can't live with them, can't live without them!"

    Your "gig" looks like it was a blast.

  25. thankfully my antifixit is actually very computer savvy


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