Friday, November 16, 2007

That Fete-ful Day

Climber's School's Fete.

Pictorial evidence of the difference between boys aged 6 and boys aged 4.

Chairplane 6.
No worries, rode it a couple of times as a form of flight-simulation-training for the real whizzy ride, aka The Cha-Cha.


Chairplane 4.
No actual fuss or meltdown, but when a little girl early on in that same ride went into screaming hysterics and they had to stop it and let her off, Cherub very quietly and nimbly hopped down and came and sat in my lap. Looking relieved.

Getting High 6.
Did I mention we call him the Climber?


Getting High 4
And don't think his big brother wasn't in there too, bouncing away like a happy kangaroo, off the walls, turning somersaults, narrowly missing smaller children etc.

Going Down 6.
Face first. Natch.


Going Down 4.


Due to parental duties on the Grade Stalls we had to stay All Day. Best decision I made was buying the Cherub this:
He carried it round all day like a security blanket. When I worked the Clothing Stall he sat happily under the table with the hospital and rested his tired little legs, and if we hadn't had it he could never have lasted so long.

Our class had to run 2 stalls this year, so I worked the Clothing Stall shift and Fixit took the Sausage Sizzle. Except he unwittingly upgraded himself and worked half his shift on the Gourmet Sausage Sizzle stall before I found him and dragged him back to the humble 1K Sizzle. He says it was an easy mistake but I have my doubts.


  1. Ahh School Fetes - where would be without them and all the attendant obligations/stall duties that come with them.

    And the donations of supplies.

    And the spending of money.

    And the tending of tired little ones.

    We've got one on Sunday!

  2. Those are some good memories you are making for our kids. They just love school fete day and are oblivious to all the work that parents do for the day.

  3. Nice try by Fixit...and I'm laughing at your tag.

  4. Those boys look like they're having the time of their lives!
    And it looks so summery there! Whereas here, even in FL it's definitely cooling off some.....

  5. That changes from one to the other can be pretty cataclismic! As for the sausages, maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt!

  6. Wow! Our school fairs are not as much fun as those!

  7. I love bouncy castles. I wish they made them for grownups.

    Dr Who update for you. It's Children In Need night tonight (UK Fund raising event for kids) & one thing up for auction was spending a day on the Dr Who set during filming.
    (scroll quite far down the page to see it)

  8. The school fete is a funny beast. The parents donate time and supplies and then buy the supplies back at an inflated price. The kids love it so we turn around and do it again the next year.

    I love fetes when I'm not working on a stall. Blue Mountains you say? Tomorrow? Hmmm.

  9. Those are *awesome* pictures. He really is quite the climber. And he's only 6? I'm very impressed.

    Still loving the hair do.


  10. It's a funny thing, and related to the phenomenon you've captured with your camera: when kids are little, the play equipment et cetera seems enormous and hideously dangerous. Who were the irresponsible dolts who designed this stuff and left it where sweet, innocent children could get harmed on it? Then, only a year or so later, those same children are scampering up and down it without a hitch and we can't remember what all the fuss was about.

  11. An excellent and observant post! I noticed at the diva's birthday party this afternoon that all the six year old's mums left the kids to it for a couple of hours while my girlfriend stayed because her girl is four - the difference is quite huge! (And she was needed too!)

  12. Wow, that climbing wall looks fantastic!

    Pity husband was trying to cram 10million things into one day and we could have come too. He is doing fairy floss at our "fun day" next week, there's got to be some good jokes in that surely?

  13. Ha! Is Fixit really your oldest child? I tell people that three children. My oldest is 34 going on 35.

    That Cherub is my kind of fellow. The Climber (appropriately named of course) is too adventurous for me. That whole rock wall thing.... yikes!

  14. What GREAT photos!

    2 years makes SUCH a difference, doesn't it?

    Everest 2028 is looking good for Climber!

  15. That looks like a great day. And it's so lovely to see all that sunshine as our days get shorter and shorter as midwinter approaches.

  16. Greek barbeque? Really? Oh my god, did I miss it?

    Cute kids. I used to LOVE the fetes, especially the ones we had at school where we were let out half the day early because the fete was happening in the school grounds.

    Ahhh, those were the days.

  17. Hilarous - I love seeing how different they are according to their ages.

    I'm guessing Fixit got to sample the gourmet sausages? Bad bad bad!


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