Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Eyes Have It.

I went to a blogmeet on Thursday night, well I went to half a blogmeet because I had to teach a couple of tap classes beforehand. Missed the main course, made it for dessert. Which I felt entitled to eat!

The women who attended that night are all witty and articulate, as you would know if you read their blogs, so as you can imagine it was a good night with lots of talk and laughter. I think we said good-bye to each other at least a dozen times and then went right on chatting, despite tired waitstaff kicking us out of the venue and (very politely I must add) turning off the outside light.

And now a sneaky peek at their soul-windows, and some impressions. Apologies for the poor picture quality and the red-eye. I blame the waiter who took the shot of course.

Craftymum. Her eyes are slightly wistful, until she gets a giggle in them.

Becandcall. Her eyes have a slightly quizzical look and a pronounced twinkle.

Pea Soup. Listening eyes, if that makes sense? And smiling eyes too.

Muppinstuff. Soft, thoughtful eyes. Inviting, as if you could tell her confidences.

House & Baby. Her eyes have a quick humour . Except when she's being extra funny, then they are quite deadpan.

Another Nutter aka Nutmeg. Sweetly serious eyes, with a happy smile behind them.

Only Books All the Time aka Lazy Cow. Vivacious eyes, bright and smiley and friendly.

Poppalina aka Shula. Her eyes are wryly amused. And somehow faraway, even when she's looking right at you.

And me of course. Just before I took up my axe and ran amok. Fortunately there was garlic and holy water handy so they all made it out alive.


  1. Just been on h&b's saying how good to finally read about the catch up ...

    and now you have supplied very clever photos and lovely summaries.

    You are a dear. Even if you are satanic.

  2. Love the hilarious 'eye analysis'.

    Do you remember those lions, the possessed ones that came alive from statues, in the conclusion to "Ghostbusters" ?

    They had red, shining eyes too...

  3. Giggle! I'm really liking the one of you.

  4. It may have been the wagging tongues that caused the problem for the restaurant, rather than the eyes!

    PS What was dessert? Was it good?

  5. What can I say.

    Must be all the yoga.

    Oh, and a migraine coming on.

    Ask Bec about that.

  6. Eye'm impressed! Great summaries and eyes to match.

    Thank goodness for the garlic and holy water.

  7. That's great! I love the analysis.

    But I spat at the screen (laughing, not in disgust) at your last photo.

    Don't tell Tracey or Sooz, I will have to wear a dog collar!!

  8. Tracey, it WAS good dessert. Not-quite-set Pannacotta made with sheeps milk and topped with blueberries. Doesn't sound like much but absolutely delightful. Although Muppinstuff and I really wanted the Lemon Tart which taunted at us with it's non-availability.

    Bec if you land here please tell me about Shula's migraine. Was it caused by the rest of us talking too much?

  9. Oh! That was hilarious, and great, I was going to do an impressions post too, but you've trumped me before I began.

  10. The jealousy is going to KILL me, I tell you! (either that or that Death Stare coming at me through the screen)

  11. Nice cropping. I wondered what you'd do with that shot...

    Prescient too, since I'm feeling distinctly red-eyed now, but not regretting a moment of the journey.

    Shula? Migraine? What nonsense! Life of the party, that girl, she's just trying to cover our Truck Driving, Biker Moll, Rock 'n' Roll night out on Friday after she picked me up.

    But don't worry, nobody got hurt, permanently, and there was no other damage that won't be redeemed by the Community Service Orders.

  12. I love the eye introductions!

    I've never met another blogger. I'm envious. Glad you had a good time :)


  13. That's the best post I've read in ages.

    - the one listening with her eyes.

  14. Ha! You DO look evil!!

    Don't think I've ever seen an eye analysis before. Very funny.

  15. Oh no! Don't tell me about any more good blogs to read! I really will have to give up work soon, to give myself sufficient blogreading time...

    Thanks for your falling pig suggestion. I think I did read that story many years ago, but I enjoyed reading it again and might actually do it with a class. (All lesson plans gratefully accepted.)

    I still think I was told that it actually happened to someone, though. Daughter 1 vaguely feels it was an Ancient Greek philospher in Syracuse, but of course that may be wrong too. Google doesn't seem to confirm it.

    And now I must go and mark papers.

    Sounds like a great party and it's so interesting to see Pea Soup's eyes, among others.

  16. Clever. LOL on the red eyes. Adds a certain mystique.

  17. I thought I'd commented on this! Great, great post. You clever girl. Felt like I barely spoke to you though.

  18. Holy moly, you have the eyes of the devil. Just kidding - but that's a hell of a red eye problem!!

    Great post.

  19. Very clever and informative, not to mention envy-inducing at the thought of actually meeting with so many great bloggers!

  20. How lovely to meet up with all those other bloggers! I'm very jealous!
    I figure you picked the right time of the evening to arrive. Imagine if it were the other way around and you had to only have an entree and miss dessert.


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