Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Hmm. I marked my 200th post by discussing vomit. That would be right.

Despite my intentions of being the sort of parent who gives a whole-picture, objective-and-balanced answer to questions about life, sex, politics and religion, the response I actually gave to Climber's questions about elections turned into a full-blown political rant. Which I suppose just goes to show how anxious and wound-up I am about the outcome of this weekend's national election. Anyway, today of his own volition and with no prompting from me except I helped him with some spelling, he made a newspaper.

Look at that, in one quick discussion I have indoctrinated my child.


  1. I remember last election thinking this may be time Johnnie goes and then I saw the first of his "fear" advertisements about interest rates and thought then and there that it wasn't going to happen - him losing that is.

    And I've seen them again this time but think maybe this ain't going to work a second time.

    A lot of politicians (of all persuasions) say a lot of things to get into power - but I have to admit I'm well and truly over what Johnnie has got to say ;-)

  2. Ah yes, our children are a mirror. I didn't realise just how strongly I voiced my political opinions until I heard my kids waxing lyrical about the Evils of Washington.
    Smart boy, that. I'd vote for him!

  3. I love Soozadoo's sidebar - Please Kevin Don't Fuck it Up

    We're having a small election party - For once I think it could be fun to watch the election coverage

  4. Oh, brilliant! Rudd and team could have done with Climber right from the start of their campaign!

    I was just now talking politics with my husband, and discussing what we see as the drawbacks of each of the two major parties. I have reservations, to varying degrees, about both political groups. Ultimately, though, John Howard has done too many abhorrent things for my liking.

    (Go on then, order me a T-shirt as well when you order yours)

  5. Heh.
    The way I see it, we're supposed to teach our children the difference between right and wrong. And, being completely objective here, you taught him right.
    But boy, am I nervous.

  6. Children and politics is dangerous territory.
    My 7 year old has been telling everyone that will listen that "My Mum says John Howard tells lies."
    Can't wait until Saturday night....
    Remember that 80's song - "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?"

  7. My sentiments exactly. Clever boy. Someone in our house will be VERY upset after this election. We don't discuss politics around here any more. Not if we want to stay married.

  8. A political pundit in the making!

  9. He, he, that is hilarious!

    He is adorable, by the way.


  10. Perhaps you could be Kevin Rudd's campaign manager? If you won one mind over after just one rant.... who knows what you could do on a national scale! And Climber could be your assistant

  11. Hear Hear!

    I think (hope) it's a no brainer.

    Oohh, I want to go to Stacey's house after the election, I haven't sung the unauthorised version of that song for years! :)

  12. I'll be at a wedding on Election Day. I can't help but being peeved that JH tried to ruin my friend's specail day.

    I grew up with Neville Wran posters all over my house.

    Damn political groupie fanatic parents.


  13. Ha ha!

    Yesterday in desperation I put the TV on for the boys (must've been the rain) it was "Behind the News" (kids news show for those who don't know) it was about the election, and how elections work, they were both transfixed.

  14. The prose of Climber would make an excellent tshirt itself..
    Fingers crossed we get the result he is after.!
    another good slogan against Johnny would be -
    Liar Liar Pants on fire!

  15. Oh yeah baby Oh yeah!!

    Real friends don't let friends vote Liberal!

  16. Not being familiar with the politics in Australia .. I can only hope that common sense and insight win through! Keep us posted on the result ... and Climbers reaction!

  17. C'mon. You should know by now that the Federal Government doesn't believe parents have any role in shaping their children's political views.

    Oh no: this is clearly the work of those lefty, commie, pinko teachers who've been preaching Bolshevism instead of a decent knowledge of Bradman.

    Quick! Send him to private school before it's too late!

  18. Let us reduce the age to vote!! Children are very perceptive - they would get it right!!
    Going by these comments we should all be happy to serenade Johnny with "Am I ever gonna see your face again....No way...Get F......d...etc etc"

  19. Stomper, yes, it's me again...I was handed a environmental friendly shopping bag (you know one of those re-useable thingies) in a nice shade of orange yesterday. Inside it has a Kevin07 balloon. How lucky am I?!

    As proof of my devotion to your blog, I am happy to donate it to you, as a small token because I cannot get you a t-shirt.

  20. HA! If you're serious, send me your address...

  21. Anthony Green Election Elf!

    Thank you! I adore him too. (I had to say thank you here because thirdcat's blog won't let me comment on the same post more than twice. Fancy that).

  22. omg, I'm listening to the radio and watching telly aND i'M SO EXCITED/NERVOUS, I think I might vomit (not really) but OMG. Go maxine! Love your election chat. I got Grace to pop the paper into the ballot box today. Back to the telly... fingers crossed x

  23. hear, hear. And it happened. His request must have worked.

    It's a weekend to celebrate!!

  24. Funny. We did the No War Rallies back um when were they again. Since then everytime my son sees or hears Johnny's name he says "We Hate John Howard" hee hee

    Yay for Kevin and his team!!!


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