Friday, April 25, 2008

Anzac Day

This Anzac Day we got together with my dad's extended family. Dad and I met up at my grandparents' grave (the rest of the family were running late) and while Fixit and the kids ran around looking at everything, Dad and I talked; some catch-up stuff and some reminiscing. Which was nice. I haven't visited the grave before. My grandparents are buried in the same plot, and the plaques for each say that they were loving husband / wife to the other, which was true. And Cherub's middle name is the same as my grandfather's middle name (which was the reason I chose it - apart from it also being unusual and that I just loved it), but seeing it there on the gravestone really reminded me and gave me a special pang, of nostalgia, emotion, connection, all rolled into one.

From there we went (via a park) to my Uncle & Aunt's house for lunch. I made a super roasted vegetable & macadamia nut couscous salad...
(Roast some veg. Roast some macadamias. Prepare the couscous. Toss them all together with dressing - equal parts lemon juice & extra virgin olive oil, a generous dollop of honeycup mustard and salt & pepper to taste. Enjoy!)

We also made some personalised Anzac biscuits for the family, a smash hit! The boys and Fixit had quite a lot of fun pressing out the letters too.

We dined like princes and then got raucous playing Pictionary. Caitlin and I won. Of course. Cloakroom got us home on an all-play. Cherub was extremely pleased to see Caitlin again, but also fell in love with another cousin, Anna. So much so that he invited her to a sleepover at our house. (She's the pretty laughing girl in the centre of the photo.)

And Cherub drew a cat. I'm only telling you this because my current project is encouraging the non-writing/painting/drawing Cherub to have a go with writing implements. So that I can (a) work out which hand is his dominant and (b) try and balance the wall art disparity between him and Climber.

I'm in love with the drawing so it'll be laminated and displayed to address (b) but as far as (a) is concerned I am none the wiser. He drew it ambidextrously.


  1. That cat is adorable! Almost as adorable as the artist who drew it.

    Christopher is ambidextrous. His teacher encouraged him to write with his right hand when he started school, so that is what he does. He also brushes his teeth with his right, while he kicks a ball with his left foot, he golfs left and catches a ball with his right hand.

    I love the idea of being able to use both hands equally. I wish I was like that.


  2. Fantastic cat!!

    I think being ambidextrous is a good thing. I think it means he has better access to both sides of his brain. He may be a much more kind, compassionate and considerate human being, at the same time as being grounded and reasonable, all because he's not left or right hemisphere dominant. I think it helps him have the potential for an amazing life full of so many possibilities. How exciting!

  3. Padawan Learner is either ambidextrous or both-handed, we're not sure, but he writes with his left, cuts with his right, etc. essentially, a sharing of all tasks between the feet and hands.

    The only problem is that he hasn't learnt to write, or draw, well. But that's another loooong story.

    Cherub's cat is fabulous. A definite framer.

  4. I'm beginning to think Padawan Learner, Cherub, and J.T. are related! Except J.T. isn't ambidextrous. But boy his handwriting resembles something a caveman would reject.

  5. It is a good idea this encouragement one. I am doing a lot of work with Joe at the moment to try and overcome the frustration he feels at having an extraordinary imagination but not being able to conver t it into drawings.

    I am not expecting masterpieces - it is HIM who wants to improve !

  6. Cool cat, Cherub! You draw very well.

    I'm ambidextrous. I used to be able to draw equally well (badly??)with both hands but I let my right hand dominate and now I wish I'd practiced to keep up the lefty skills. It's a real pain to be left-handed with some things though (did you know they don't even make left handed pinking shears?) and I should have practiced using scissors with my right hand, too.

  7. That is most certainly a cat. You don't need to worry about his fine motor skills! As to the hand dominance, it will come - don't sweat it. Even left-handers use their right hands quite frequently because we have set the world up for those who use their right hands.

  8. I tagged you for that seven things meme (again!)...

    ohh, beautiful drawing from cherub

  9. I had the same a) and b) concerns about The Impossible Princess - but after a concentrated week of encouragement, it has swung the opposite way and she is drowning us in drawings and writing. Everytime I go to use the printer it is out of paper, as I have discovered she helps herself to paper from there rather than her own pile in her art cupboard.


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