Sunday, April 27, 2008

Climber's First Day of Soccer

Can you just see this child supporting us in luxury in 20 years' time? (otherwise known as my superannuation plan.) Good news, apparently the tap-dance training stood him in good stead when they practised ball skills.

Soccer is on at exactly the same time I teach Kiddy Tap so I may never get to see it. I know many people who would breathe a huge sigh of relief about this, but I would like to see him in action. It will be good father/son bonding time though, and as I predicted the people running the session took one look at Fixit, handed him a vest and asked him to help out on the field. He may feel a little bit sore and sorry today but we all know he had a great time.

And look at my little apple and his tree! The Climber vs. an undated photo of Fixit with his childhood club. I dunno. How come they don't give the kids faux backgrounds to pose in front of any more?


  1. ...and the better outfit

    x Nell

  2. How is Fixit doing in the new digs?

    Your boy looks very comfortable out there!

  3. Stomper Girl, Climber looks VERY cute in his soccer gear (and he's good at soccer too! Whoo!)

    Yes, I have to agree with Nell re the outfit. There's something a bit uncomfortable-looking about those shorts of Little Fixit!

  4. It's always fun seeing where kids got their DNA. Looks like maybe Climber got quite a few facial features from Fixit?

    Regardless, I think you're going to have to take up baseball. Climber's a very handsome young man, and I predict that at some point you're going to need a baseball bat to keep the girls off him.

  5. Hey! I have the very same superannuation plan!!! ;)

  6. Climber definitely got the better outfit!

    So cool that his tap skills have translated into ball skills!

  7. Congratulations on becoming soccer parents. Don't forget to hurl abuse from the sidelines at the 15yo umpire.

    From what I've seen over the past few weeks that's an essential part of being a soccer parent...eeek.

    I just embarrass the kids by taking my knitting along.

  8. OOOOH those pants! Sorry Fixit, but they really are bad!

    Sorry that you'll miss the games. Pete and I always enjoyed both going to all the stuff our kids did. We couldn't get enough of them.

  9. He does look very proficient! I think your master plan for retirement is working!!


  10. I always think I am going to hate going to the soccer and end up enjoying myself.

    Could Fixit take a tap class or two?

    Bloody word verification - we've all been complaining about it today!

  11. Those are some HAWT shorts. You should see if he still has those hanging around, they are back in fashion!

  12. He looks gorgeous! And he is striking the right pose in that first photo!

    Love Harry High Pants. Hope he didn't do himself harm in those tight shorts. You should be grateful that fashion has moved on since those days of tuck-in shirts under waist high shorts.

    mmm mmmmmm

  13. So now you have two super plans - boy band star AND soccer star, how set are you? Luxury old age for you :)

    Climber looks like a natural, must be in the genes (fortunately not fashion genes though - those shorts look positively painful).

    Btw, I've tagged you on my blog

  14. hee hee - the better hair AND the better shorts !!

    Love the 'apple and tree' contrast - i've never heard it put like that before - love it.

  15. Aw, Climber looks very official/professional in his gear!

    I had to avert my eyes from Young Mr. Fixit's shorts and focus instead on his socks. My brother wore those same style socks for 10 years while playing (American) football. It's how we were able to identify him on the field if we couldn't see his number -- he was the only one with his socks tucked up under his kneepads.

  16. Is that a junior testicle separation I spy on young Fixit?

  17. Man it was damn lucky Fixit was able to breed considering how tight those shorts are!
    I bet he's thrilled all these random women are discussing the contents of his shorts.

  18. I know the post was about Climber but I am fixated on Fixit's wee soccer outfit - adorable!


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