Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ya Ya Bishey.

How is this for a nasty bump? He rounded a corner too fast and clipped the edge of the door frame. I saw it happen and was not at all alarmed because he cried the right amount, if you know what I mean. Then a minute later I looked at him and there was the biggest, reddest egg on his hairline. Wasn't quite as calm then! But he was fine. This photo is taken a couple of days later.

In lieu of having a functioning long-term memory, I am once more recording some of Cherub's sweet talk. In case I want it for Ron. (Later Ron). The only stuff I remember about Climber's developing language is some early stuff that got written in a (very poorly kept) baby diary.
Thus I can tell you that one of Climber's first words was Dirty!!, said with a happy emphatic-ness as he pointed at the toilet or the rubbish bin; clearly we didn't want him to touch. He also said Whassat? (a lot) and the inscrutable Ya Ya Bishey. (Or sometimes Bishey Bishey Ya Ya.) Maybe it was something to do with ABC kids television logo, maybe it was to do with the Three Little Fishies song, we never worked it out. And let's not forget Dubba Dubba Dee which we think he just said because it is pleasurable to say. But the rest is lost in the mists of time and for that I say sorry, Climber.

Anyway, to talk like the Cherub (aged 4 and a half):
  • Firstly, you must have a W where your R should be.
  • Secondly, if you are feeling earnest about anything you must start your sentence with Well, especially if you are crying and reporting on what it was caused the crying in which case the Well, will usually be followed by Climber ... (did/said/pushed/shouted/stole).
  • Thirdly you will get cross if anyone upterrupts you (pronounced cwoss and uptewwupts, see point 1).
  • Finally, you will play fast and loose with the F and V sounds.

So this is a fan,

but this is Dark Vader.

He likes to watch a bideo. Berry much.

... and we took Bertie Wooster to see the Bet. She was lovely, although for some reason Bertie had a problem with her, something to do with where she put the thermometer I think..


  1. Just to warn you, you will probably find yourself using their language long after they have corrected themselves.
    We still watch Previos when we rent a DVD. We eat basgetti and and complain if we have sore frokes. The children are not amused.

  2. My second (or third? god help me) used w for r wight up until he turned seven. We were beginning to worry. Then overnight he got it.

    My eldest had all sorts of weird pronunciations. His younger brother's name is Patrick (and I'm safe to say that in the comment box, right?) but the eldest used to call him Pah-kick, with a long aah instead of a short a. Odd.

    His oddest was when he was about two and learning colours, so red was wed, blue was boo, etc, but yellow was ... Lo-too.


  3. I can't remember anything that the kids used to say. Hell, I can't even remember what they said yesterday. Jack used to stutter when he was little.... then he stopped....

  4. SO... is Bertie Wooster really a male chicken?

  5. I do miss Ya Ya Bishey! Dubba dubba dee conjures up an image of Climber with an enormous grin, just from the pure joy of saying it. I still hope my little man will pick up Climber's "dirty" just because it was so darn cute!
    I do remember him substituting t for c or k, hence, Taline and my two, Tawa and Arnta. My fave Tawa phrase was "shishu" when someone sneezed.


  6. My little nephew- who is now a father!- used to call lawn mowers "Easy ga-daah" Took them months to work it out!

  7. Lello for Yellow was big in our house. Padawan Learner would say 'dot' for 'dog' until he learnt his 'g' sound.

  8. Who barted?!? You crack me up!

    That gash looks pretty nasty - for a couple of days later. But those sparkly eyes say it all :)


  9. We went to a party on the weekend and Moondoggie was so excited that he got to eat '5 merangatangs'.
    The lovely lady that made the meringues has renamed them in his honour.

  10. If I ever move to the Himalayas and become a guru, I am changing my name to Ya Ya Bishey.


  11. We had byshers[diapers],S where F should be, as in "surry" and "srogs". Horses were "oh-oohs", cemeteries were "heaven", and many more that I can't remember because I too suffer from CRS syndrome....Great idea to write them down, but who has time when the Climbers and Cherubs of the world are busy crashing into doors and giving us heart attacks? Jodie's "frokes" cracked me up, or should I say I was very amused....

  12. Ha, Who barted!

    And Jimmy to Tracey's chicken!

    Abby calls the headphones :ear knobbles. We haven't figured out why. J.T. almost never said anything unusual. He could speak so plainly from the beginning. One kids amidst so many adults. Love Dark Vader. He is dark, after all!

  13. I love it! All this language stuff! Mine says yeddow instead of yellow, and Dats dis-kustin (which is pretty close for a 3yo) and You tink up the hoe house, in response to who barted!!!! I wish I could repeat how he says air conditioner, but I just can't quite grasp it. Eh-kadeskadeh, maybe. Oh, and you'll love this. I've taken to calling him Stomper Boy because he literally stomps everywhere. He loves to stomp. Either he's a dinosaur or a transformer, depending on his mood, but he's always stomping. So I naturally think of you!

  14. Oh Poor Little Cherub - that's one nasty injury. But look at the little guy - still smiling!
    So true what Jodie said about still using the words long after they've grown out of it.
    Ethan called Conor "Nonny" for ages. We still do, much to Conor's mortification.

  15. I love the way pre-schoolers speak! The Impossible Princess had an icks-kurshum to the hostabull this week, and they got to see the ambleeance. Her friend Felicipy went too.

  16. This post brought a smile to my face. Lovely memories in the making.

  17. Couldn't stop laughing as I read Climber's baby vocab - MY little girl used to screech 'Jor-DAN!!!' all the time which drove my brother-in-law absolutely bonkers for the week we holidayed with him at a suitably isolated location. Naught but the sound of the birds singing, the wind in the trees, and 'Jor-DAN!!!' to help us relax - turned out she meant 'come down!'...

  18. This post made me laugh, just at the right time, as I'm not loving motherhood at the mo (shcool hols in Sydney).. so thanks for cheering me out of my crappy mood!

    Miss P used to say 'gobbem' all the time, still no idea what it meant, but if you said it to her she'd roll on the floor lauging!!

  19. Laughed out loud at this! Reminded me so much of all alternative words we had .... we still have!

  20. My cousin used to call me Caffeine instead of Katherine. Which made a nice change from all the kids who called me Kaffrin.

    My kid loves his EE-EEEKS in the morning. You may know them as Weet-bix. Biscuits are generally also EE-EEKS, but the other day they were briefly, Nickies, which I thought was fantastic.

    My nephew has trouble with F and T, and G and C. This coincides with an interest in Frucks and Dickers, and a desire to explain all the heavy machinery he's seen while out on a walk with Nanna. Thus he greeted my Dad one day by shouting Big Dickers!

    My partner wants to know if we can all call my Dad that.


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