Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I was tagged.

I was tagged to do 7 weird or random things and 6 quirky things and I think I will roll that into one post, because 13 things about moi would bore even me. Besides, I have good housework intentions today.

1. Almost every hat I try on suits me, whereas almost every pair of glasses looks awful. I am envious of people who look cool in specs.
2. I like to have a plan. This is not the same as a solution, mind. But if there is a problem I like for there to be a plan of action. If Fixit tells me he doesn't want people coming to our house to look at the motorbike he needs to sell, that is an obstacle and I don't want to hear about those. If he tells me he's thinking of getting Conatwork to sell it on his behalf, then that is a plan and I will probably not nag him about the whole still-got-three-bikes, where's-my-new-couch? situation.
I like you to have a plan too. If you don't have a plan I may have to go home and think about your problem till I can come up with a plan for you, and you may not like or want my plan. Besides I have problems of my own that need plans, I can't be doing all yours.
3. I think I can blame my terrible sense of direction on the fact that I grew up in Canberra. Canberra is a planned city with a very circular system of roads so if you want to travel to the left you quite often have to turn right to do so. Now that I live in Melbourne with its straightforward grid-based streets, I still take the incorrect option every time when I rely on my own intuition.
4. I cannot cope with tight waistbands. I get truly awful stomach-aches within the hour of attempting them. Same for control-topped pantyhose, tried them once as a means of leg support on an 8-hour waitressing shift and had to walk out on my job because the bastard boss didn't believe that I was doubled over in pain. If I'd lived in times of corsets I would have been an invalid who never got off the couch (and if I'd managed to find a husband who liked fragile women I would have died in childbirth anyway)
5. I hate guitar solos. In fact there's an awful lot of rock music that leaves me cold because of over-prominent guitar-iness. But I love a funky bass-line.
6. I really, really object to being told what to wear. Fashion columns give me the shits when they tell me I can't wear a mini-skirt past the age of 30, or hand out edicts on appropriate style for my age. What business is it of these trend-following conservative sycophants what people wear? If they like so-called classic lines or collared shirts or wearing brown, fine. Doesn't mean the rest of us do. And if you think I should avoid these sort of articles you are probably right but it gives me a weird pleasure to read the offending items and then heap scorn on them.
I thought I'd tag some people whose blogs I have met fairly recently. Really to test if they've come back to read me more than once. So tell me your quirks please Dancing with Frogs, Chalk & Talk, Random Applique (when you are back) Innercity Garden, The Skint Vegan and The Small Stuff. Or tell me that you don't do tags, I don't mind.


  1. Done.

    Except I wasn't quite concentrating the first time I read one of your points, and I thought you'd written that you didn't like "guitar socks" which isn't weird at all.

  2. Oh I so love to have a plan. And for other people to have plans. And it doesn't matter how many plans are in my head, I can always fit other peoples plans in there too. Especially if I think my plan for them is better than their plan for them.

    Which dements me a little.

  3. I'm with you on 3, except I grew up in Scandinavia. Not quite the same, but pathetic sense of direction evolved nontheless.

    But oh how I wish I looked good in hats :)


  4. I like plans so much, I can even do a plan for how I'm going to make a plan. And I'll also plan for others. Whether they like it or not.

    I can understand your discomfort about the controltop pantyhose thing...but after wearing them every winter for five years at high school, they don't bother me at all. In fact I find their 'firm and reshape' capabilities quite reassuring!

  5. Re sense of direction (or lack thereof): this is a common female failing, even outside Canberra, and for those of us who grew up in nice organised Melbourne. And if you want to get really confused, try navigating in Sydney, which is truly horrendous. For many women thus afflicted, who were expected to be passengers rather than drivers of navigators, lack of opportunity and practice played a large part.
    I wonder, though, why we do not get more instruction in how to navigate. There must be a market for this sort of thing.
    I now have a GPS, so life has become slightly less stressful!
    Re plans: please check your email as I too have a plan but I need help, possibly yours, if you can manage it.
    love from stompermamma

  6. hmmm.....

    I'll have to give this some thought. I'm drowning under so many essays that I don't feel particularly quirky. More like bored and slightly desperate.

  7. yes I like a plan too. A plan A, B and C even. It shits me to tears when those nearest and dearest to me don't get the importance of this...

  8. I am with you on the tight clothing. I hate anything tight or layered to the point where I can't freely move.

    Guitar solos - really??? I love a loud guitar. How are you at guitar hero?

  9. Tracey, what IS guitar hero? Wait, don't tell me. I don't care.

  10. I do like a plan as well. Don't you think formulating the plan is more fun than actually acting on the plan?
    I too love hats (as you might guess) but my very short hair makes me look like I am having chemo. *sigh*.

  11. 1. I'm the opposite. Hats are just awful on me. Never convince me to show you a pic of me in a ski beanie. Or my helmet. Bleh.
    2. YES a plan. A cunning plan. I think I can outplan anyone...maybe not Fairlie. Perhaps we'd be a tie.
    3. I think I have a good sense of direction. Firegazer disagrees. A lot.
    4. Ditto. Hate ANYTHING around my waist.
    5. I love drum solos. Actually I just like the drum solo in U2's Rejoice.
    6.Hmm, yes,me too, but I fall for it every time. Fickle.

  12. Ah, I see now why I am so drawn to your blog (that is, apart from the fact you write well, with warmth and humour and wisdom) - it's because you like to have a plan, too!

    But you look good in all hats, so evidently we're not long-lost twins ;-)

  13. You're a classic.

    I'm yet to meet a hat that suits me. I continue to try them on in hope.

    I love the grid system. Hate Canberra.

    I too would have died in childbirth, even though I think I look rather rugged and childbearing 'n' all that. What an excruitating way to die...


  14. I'll play tag - memes, 30-minute surveys that get you five points towards the 1050 points you need to reclaim your exclusive silver-plated fountain pen, I dig all that stuff!


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