Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Today I had to get new tyres for the Corolla. They quoted an hour to do it when we rang and booked, they quoted an hour and a half when I dropped the car off, they returned the car to me after 2 and half hours and that was my morning gone.

Today I went to Climber's school to help his class with their Grade 1&2 Concert dance number. I spent as much time trying to get them to shut up and listen as I did imparting my dance expertise. I much prefer teaching MY lovely tap classes, none of my students wrestle each other in between steps. Or whine, or talk all the time, or hide under tables. Also, poor Climber had his perfectly nice first partner replaced through no fault of his own and is now stuck with the class ratbag, so he's finding it almost impossible to focus on the song and dance routine because the ratbag is pulling, wrestling, talking, distracting the whole time. The Stage Mother in me is Not Happy.

ratbag elbow_0126
(that's the ratbag's elbow, it looks innocent enough there)

Today I tried to take photos of the Cherub at kindergarten using my Dad's nice DSLR because the chick who did the official kinder photos this year only took head-shots of Cherub - quite lovely head-shots, I hasten to add - but I didn't get a single one that gave me a sense of him being at kinder. I wanted sandpit action. And possibly one of him talking into a toy telephone. You know the sort of thing. I did get some shots, but it was raining on us and I was pushed for time because of the school dance helping and the stupid car tyres so it all made me feel more hassled.


So today I made chocolate cake.

It seemed the only thing to do.

Today I learned I should not eat chocolate cake just before I go out to teach tap. It gives me a stomach ache.


  1. I think it's a fabulous picture of the Cherub (Climber too - your kids are just plain gorgeous), and some day, hopefully soon, this whole exhausting day will not seem like it was that big of a deal. :)

    I find that cake always seems to be a better idea than it actually is. Certainly worth a try though, and it looks delicious!

  2. Love the tag! You know what fondness I have for a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! As long as it's someone else's bad day, of course.

    Poor Climber. That sounds like my luck. I always got paired with the slackers for group projects. My inner control freak is screaming in outrage!

    The cherub is always, well, cherubic.

  3. Well, the Cherub pic looks well worth the effort, anyway!

  4. The weather is dreary, I've a fit of the doldrums. I think your solution is spot on. I'm off to bake me a chocolate cake.....

  5. Tap first, cake afterwards.


  6. Just looking at that cake, I can tell that NOT eating some before tap classes was never an option.

    Hope today is simply marvellous :-)

  7. Chocolate cake is the Ultimate Panacea.

  8. Thats an awesome sandpit photo.

  9. Oh you have to get the talking into toy telephone shot - that is a kinder rite of passage.

    Actually - do they even have old-style toy telephones at kinder nowadays? Or is it toy blackberries and bluetooth mobiles?

    Take an electric cattle prod to your next session helping with the school concert dance number.

  10. Well that would be the only time when chocolate cake is not appropriate!

    Those boys of yours are so gorgeous.

  11. I've got that recipe in my Big Black Folder, but never tried it. Is it a good one?

  12. The photo of Cherub is sensational! Totally excellento.

    Lovely Cherub photo, chocolate cake. Day wasn't that bad. Just forget the rest and have another piece of cake.

  13. I don't know - that ratbag elbow just oozes evil to me!

    Your photos of your boys do those beautiful children complete justice!

  14. Windswept is a look that suits Cherub.

    If you want to control year one/two you carry stickers and say this in a loud voice, "xxxx, you may have a sticker. You are standing quietly. I am looking for more people to earn a sticker by standing quietly" You might have to do it two or three times, but it works a treat.

    PS where the hell was the teacher

  15. I hope you ate the rest of it when you came home!! Looks delicius!

    Also I love seeing photos of your long haired cherub - makes me realise I am not the only one with a long haired boy.

  16. Couldn't you just sit back, eat cake and explain, all theoretical like, the dance steps?
    Gorgeous photo of Cherub - very kinderesque.

  17. Gorgeous photo, you're a natural !

    I'm waiting on our kinder pictures, and I want "doing things" photos too, not posed headshots !

    I'm glad my son is not in your class - you sound damn scary..



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