Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dear Nell

How is the Yorkshire sojourn progressing? Have you done your day-trip to Paris yet? And how was the flight, did the patches work?

We are all pretty well, but Cherub is missing you. Well, both boys are, but 'specially Cherub. Yesterday at tap he was playing out the front with Sophie (ie. unsupervised!! You know what I'm saying here...) and the dropstick on the gate dropped onto his thumb and really hurt him, his poor little thumb was so bruised, and he came in crying while I was in the middle of teaching class. I could only give him a really quick cuddle and Astrid offered to look after him but eventually he just sat in your chair, crying and waiting for me to finish teaching. We iced it later and we think it's okay. Plus he had a "large local reaction" to his immunisation and got a lump 6cm x 6cm on his wee shoulder, (which also required regular ice-ing) so the poor kid has been in the wars.

large local reaction_6437

As for the big brother he's had a scooter mishap and bumped his head on the monkey bars, so I don't know what's going on this weekend - the frozen peas have been in and out of the freezer like never before.

Climber on the train

The tap parents have been really good and have remembered to bring the correct money, and the stamp-n-sticker stuff has been mostly manageable. It was Climber's last week of soccer this week (they gave him a trophy and a certificate and a soccer ball), so if you're too jet-lagged to come to tap next week at least I'll have Fixit to help me out.

I went on a blog-meet last night because M from Eastern Max is in Melbourne for the Writer's Festival. We met in a Richmond cafe with Fairlie, H&B, Pea Soup and Frogdancer. We had a really good time, those girls are very funny and made me laugh a lot. They wanted to know about you so I was telling them about how we met through me working with the band and you being good mates with our travel agent. No pictures, sorry, we were too busy talking.

Today we had a family adventure at the Hurstbridge Wattle Festival and got to ride on a steam train. Excellent fun, and you should have seen how many people were waiting by the train tracks, waving as we clickety-clacked past. Climber said he felt like he was going to Hogwarts. There was something a bit fantastic about seeing the clouds of steam outside the carriages, and when the whistle blew it was just .. exciting, you could picture how much kids must have loved those trains in the olden days.

on the train285

Anyway, we all hope you're having a lovely time but we look forward to your return.

Cherub on the train317

Love from the Stay-at-homes xxxx


  1. We so very nearly went to the Hurstbridge Wattle Festival but in the end pooped out after TWO end of season soccer matches one after another. I heard the steam train whistle by though - such a lovely sound.

    Last night was fun!

    ps. Hi Nell.

  2. You have been in the wars! That train ride looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Saturday night was a lot of fun. It was good to catch up again.

  4. Gracious me, poor Cherub was having a very bad day. I hope the trai ride was enough to make him forget his arm and thumb.

  5. That last photo does say it all. There's the amusement, the anticipation and yet a little reflection?

  6. This is what happens when Goodluck Charms like Nell go on trips!

    Hope all settles.

    Welcome home Nell- in anticipation.

  7. You've made me miss Nell as well!

    Glad and jealous of the blog meet!! Shouldn't be jealous but I am!!

    Poor Cherub - the image of him sitting in Nell's chair is just a little heartbreaking!

  8. What Mary said. I miss Nell!

    The poor Cherub.... makes me want to give him a hug.

    Jealous of your blog meet. Very jealous.zaf

  9. Great photos - that train ride looks gorgeous!

  10. Lucky Nell! #1--to be where she is and #2---to have you all missing her and waiting with a huge welcome when she comes home!

  11. Hi at long last. You made me cry with that image of Cherub sitting sad and alone in my chair. I don't know how many times I remind them not to play with that catch, and how it hurt Climber quite badly. I'm missing you all too, and won't actually be home until the crack of dawn Sunday morning (the travel agent can't read her own itinerary!) Got to Paris for three days/two nights which was lovely and the best weather we've had - I was right not to pack my summer clothes. The patches did NOT work and I therefore spent a lot of time (& Euros)in Paris having coffee and ciggies at the cafes. Am sending postcards tomorrow but will probably beat them home. Big hugs and kisses to everyone
    Love Nell

  12. Hi Stomper, I'm finally getting back to my computer after a couple of days back in Sin City. Loved catching up on Saturday, and yes I laughed that we all talked so much we didn't take any photos!

  13. We have a couple of train boys. It's a special kind of love that never seems to die.
    Hope it helped everyone recover.


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