Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Toothbrush Arrangement

toothbrush heads_6400

Nell gave these.. erm.. toothbrush head cover suction hangers (!) to the boys last Christmas. (It's a shame we don't have nicer bathroom tiles to hang them on. Our landlord does all the renovations himself)

Climber is vague and forgetful about returning his toothbrush to the headpiece but Cherub never forgets. He says I always remember to put mine away and the inference is clear: he is good and the Climber is not. It drives the poor Climber nuts.

Climber doesn't know it, but the Cherub has a stealthy regime going on with the arrangement of those toothbrushes. He always puts his own higher. A little victory for the smaller, younger child.


  1. Do you think Cherub has secretly read the 'Horrid Henry' books? There may be some element of Perfect Peter about this arrangement...

  2. Let Cherub know that height will never change the pecking order. The eldest sibling is always the boss. I know - I am the eldest.

    Nice try, though!

  3. the two middle children in our house are having our revenge on our older brothers via our only child. I cheer (perhaps inappropriately) for every kid who puts one over their big brother. this is only a problem when it's my neice putting one over her older brother, because she has been outwitting and out-toughing him for years.

    peppermintpatcher: my little sister was definitely the boss, and being eleven years younger than our brother gave her not a moments' pause.

  4. I bet Climber will go on to make a success in life!

  5. The youngest has to take whatever steps necessary to redress the balance of being born last.

  6. Ah. Oneupmanship is alive and well....

  7. With deepest respect to your Nell - but good grief those toothbrush holder alien things look


  8. They say the firstborn is the smartest, but the 2ndborn is more enterprising and often more successful in life.

    He's got that corporate ladder in mind..

  9. Tracey, Tracey, Tracey. We all know Peta's the favorite, even if you're the boss!

    The Cherub is my kind of guy. I can just imagine his satisfaction in these small victories. I'm the youngest. I know just how he feels.

  10. So cute!
    Cherub just quietly scores!

  11. H&B's theory definitely thrives in this household.
    No. 1 is smarter, but No. 2 is more street smart.
    Cherub's bound to get on in life - unbelievably cute, and clever too. How can he not succeed??

  12. The bit I don't get is how do you get your kids to keep them on the tiles?
    We had some suction cup toothbrush holders for the kids, and the problem was not remembering to put the toothbrushes away, but to not pull them off the wall and play with them, they just ended up as landfill.

    I like Cherub's style.


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