Friday, August 15, 2008

Non sequiturs

I don't think I want to give my Dad's Nikon D60 back. Loving the photos it takes.


I think I bring the Australian team bad luck when I watch a live Olympic event, I'm going to have to stop.

Climber's sex education is continuing apace. Yesterday's car-conversation (aka things I really don't want to discuss whilst concentrating on peak hour traffic) introduced the subject of h0m0sexuality. Just the concept, no questions yet about the mechanics, THANK HEAVENS. He must be saving that for next week. I blame pop songs for this, he's always listening intently to lyrics and then asking what does this song mean? The culprit in this case was Billy Bragg's Sexuality. I may have to re-program my ipod with purely instrumental music at this rate.

I got the kindergarten telephone photo.

kindergarten telephone shot_0197

My friend's mother died last week, it is just so sad.

Fixit is working ten hour days at the moment. There's a lot of aircraft maintenance stuff going on, even if you don't work for Qantas. He's very tired.

Climber is wise to the toothbrush arrangement, and in an uncharacteristic fit of temper caused by tiredness from 2 weeks of school swimming, he became so cranky at the Cherub (who foolishly raised his toothbrush higher whilst the Climber was present) that he ripped Cherub's holder from the wall and flung it so hard that it broke and landed in the toilet.

When I looked at my Flickr sets I saw I had 153 shots of the Cherub to only 94 of the Climber, so I thought I'd upload some more Climber to even it up. Now it's Cherub:163 to Climber:101. Not because I don't love them equally. I just see more of the Cherub because of school.

walking the bar

Both my neighbours are pregnant.

Climber's best friend at school has been away all week and Climber is missing him. But he is also taking the opportunity to hang out with some of his favourite girls because he's in the midst of deciding which one should be his girlfriend. It's so confusing - he likes so many of them. Meanwhile every other boy in the class (practically) thinks that girls are poison. At swimming class I saw 7 little boys in a swimming lane move as one, shrinking to one side of the lane with disgust when a girl had to join their class. She just ignored them, stupid boys.


  1. Your life is moving at a very fast pace right now.

    Sorry to your friend. Congratulations to your neighbours - you better watch out for those germs though!

  2. What is cherub going to do? Will he just rest his brush in a cup and be done with it?
    If those structures are in your yard, my boys are moving in!
    I found Tizzy standing on the kitchen counter today about to balance the narrow ledge that holds the sink.
    No chair, he'd scaled the cabinets.

  3. The Toothbrush Incident sounds, er, traumatic.

  4. My favorite kind of post! Doesn't it convey the craziness of life. Also sorry to your friend. What a difficult time of life... a big transition.

  5. Ah, what lovely boys.

    A nice snapshot of your life, too. Cherish these years. It gets so much more fraught later on when they start going out with people you wouldn't necessarily have chosen...

  6. I love non sequiturs.

    The telephone photo is *awesome* and all professional, you should do this for a living - like.

    That toothbrush incident is SO totally me v. my sister. I am the older, chucker-down-the-toileter sibling.

    So is Crafty glad she moved house ?
    Did she leave that signed pron photo on the top of the kitchen cupboards ? I bet that did it. Essence of Ron Jeremy in da house.


  7. "Essence of Ron Jeremy". Just what I need when I am eating my breakfast!!
    Its nice that your boys like girls (not that there's anything wrong with not liking girls) in the girls don't have germs sense.
    In my lazy arsed fashion, I used Mr Burns & Smithers as an example to explain homosexuality. Now my boys think all old guys are gay.

  8. Boys! Well really. Sounds like you've got your hands full still. Is pregnancy contagious or do you thing the garden fence is enough?

  9. Check out a book called, "It's so Amazing!"--Amazon has it, lots of libraries, too.

    It was a help when talking to our girlie when that time came. You can edit or read through as much as you like, and we found it a great adjunct to our chat.

    She and I curled up in bed and looked through it and she asked questions and I answered as best I could. Sounds like you're doing that with the boy-os, well done you!

    She's familiar with same-sex couples and feels that if two people are in love, well, that's just fine. Her final statement on the sex act (she was 9) was, "well, it's kind of gross, but it's how I goet here, isnt it?!"


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