Thursday, July 09, 2009

Coloured Blocks

For the boy who loves playing with ice AND playing with Lego, I found the perfect present.

lego ice blocks 115

A Lego iceblock mould. Sadly, you can't build with them, they are flat on the underside.

In other coloured blocks news, the boys have been having fun with the Cuisenaire Rods.

Cuisenaire Rods

Actually, not just the boys.

Cuisinaire Rods


  1. I bet the boys love it when their parents start playing with their toys, too! Cool play stuff you've found.

  2. There is a painting at the NSW Art Gallery just like that Cuisenaire one. You lot are headed for fame.

  3. I got the cake mould version. Made a six year old boy EXTREMELY happy during his birthday party.

  4. Just love his face with the Lego moulds!

  5. I love the lego moulds! My brother would love them! Cuisenaire rods are just great - I had them when I was in primary school - a great way to learn and obviously making great art too ;o)

  6. Love the lego ice bricks, but more than that I love those cheeky faces.

  7. Love Lego

    Love Cuisinaire rods

    Love that they are making artistic statements too!

    And your boys! Oh, swoon. Just delightful.

  8. I love those ice-block moulds! Fantastic.

  9. OMG - I want those iceblock moulds !!

    And Cuisinaire rods - I was actually pondering if I would ever come across those again/if they still made them/used them in schools. I never knew what they were called though, just remembered you called them by their 'unit' value ( I think ?! )

    Top Finds and/or Buys! Awesome !

    ( off to google :)

  10. I want to come play at YOUR house. I'll bring wine.....

  11. Oh yes, I use Cuisinaire rods in my classroom - a lot! Only yesterday in fact. I love them and they do still make them. In wood as well... lovely!!


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