Thursday, July 30, 2009

Still No Badcat...

...but in the interests of sibling fairness I thought I'd post evidence of the other haircut.

Climber's Hair 0739

I also found the last ever photo taken of Bertie Wooster, balancing and walking -with ease- on the outside of my car door. Sniff. I'm stopping all the leafletting now. It just makes me feel worse. I've rung vets and shelters, put up posters and leafletted over 300 neighbours. I've visited the RSPCA and the Lost Dogs Home and his name is on the Missing Pets' Registers. But thinking I should do more is kind of killing me; I trudge along local streets worriting and calling and trying not to cry. If he comes home now that would be a flaming miracle but not one that I can really hope to effect. I have to let go. The kids don't want to discuss it, and when we did mention that Bertie could be dead Cherub got distressed and told us not to talk about it because it scared him.

I put up a flier at some not-so-local shops and a woman came up to us and said Oh you're Bertie Wooster's owners, I got your flier and I checked my shed, he's so gorgeous, I hope you find him. And Great Name! as she walked off. Someone else who received a flier in her letterbox rang me, saying straight off she hadn't found him but had wanted to ring me because she had a short-haired oriental cat too, and could imagine how awful it must be to lose him. Slightly strange but also rather touching. The sympathy of strangers. Actually, every time my phone rings with an unknown number I get het up, only to crash afterwards. I hope this isn't apparent to prospective tap students calling me. Same thing with unexpected doorbell rings. We had one last night and I raced to answer it with a thudding heart only to find one of those dudes trying to tempt me into changing my electricity/gas supplier, and I just said straight out I don't want to talk about electricity! and he said Okay and walked off without trying any other angle. Unheard of. Whether I've just discovered the perfect line to repel this sort of caller or whether my inner turmoil was apparent on my face I don't know, but you are welcome to test it yourself next time one of those people comes a-knockin' at your door.

Bertie Wooster_0178


  1. still no badcat ........ yet have faith for a bit longer.

  2. I'm so sad for you.

    It's not knowing that's the worst.

    I doubt he's dead. He's too smart to be dead. But just for the hell of it, did you call the council? Did you know they don't scan dead animals for microchips? But they do keep a record of the description and location. I found this out when my last cat went missing.

    I reckon if he isn't locked up somewhere, then someone has pinched him. But I doubt he is dead.

    And hey! Listen to today's news, a dog just turned up after 6 years!

  3. Miss Stomper my heart is breaking for you ...but check out "around the traps" and her cat - he is gone for AGES and then miraculously...he comes back ! I am hoping the same for you.

  4. You've done all you can. I reached that point with the infamous Melbourne...and had to accept that I had done everything possible. And then, against all odds, he turned up.

    Leave it to the universe now.

    (oh, and PS...our Council does scan dead animals...the ranger assured me of that. Yours may too?)

  5. Oh sis...............................................

  6. Urgh, that sucks. I had a cat (Stimpy) go missing for 3 weeks and he came back, starving and flea ridden. I have no idea what happened to him but I was glad to have him back. I hope Bertie shows up soon.

  7. So sorry. Wish there was more that I could do and say...

  8. I feel so bad for you and your boys...such a beautiful cat. Fingers crossed he turns up soon! Cats are resourceful creatures.....

  9. Really hoping he makes his way home...

  10. I feel sure Bertie is still alive. I am guessing cat napping. Still keeping my fingers crossed.

    Oh yes, also, nice haircuts.

  11. I'm with Aunty. My suspicion is he is being doted on by a thief!!

    I of course hope it is not the alternative.

    Hugs Stomper - lots of them.


  12. I'm sure you know that cats can be very clever and crafty. He may have found someone who he's having a little holiday with and he'll just show up when the mood takes him. Don't give up hope.

  13. Much sympathy from me. My friend Mary had a cat who turned up after 2 years! But you don't want to wait that long. It's so awful to love an animal. But also so lovely.

    (I'm going to see Adelaide from Adelaide at the Fringe in Edinburgh with my two daughters and my friends Lynda and Morag. How exciting is that?)

  14. So sad. I would do the same as you, and I know that feeling of looking, looking, looking with an inch of hope clinging on. I hope he comes back, but all this waiting and the unknowing, I really feel for you. x

  15. I feel SO sad for you. Come home Bertie Wooster!! Now!!!



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