Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I got the Missing-Cat-&-My-Baby-Wants-a-Haircut Blues


Adding to my gloom about the missing badcat is the fact that when I told the boys I had a haircut appointment booked for them, the Cherub announced that he no longer wants long hair. Because (a) he doesn't like it blowing in his face when it is windy and (b) he is sick of people that don't know him thinking he's a girl. Further conversation revealed that one or two boys in his class had been teasing him about looking like a girl. Although I don't think he looks like a girl, in my heart I knew this day would come. And of course I will respect his wishes, because I do see that that must be annoying for him.


I'm sure all the grandparents will be relieved but Fixit and I are going to miss his cloud of hair and I assume we're going to get a shock every time we look at him for the next few weeks. All I can do is put my faith in our hairdresser, hoping that she can strike a balance between Boy and Cherub.



  1. He'll love the short hair, because he'll look more like the other 'big boys' in the house. I'm betting that he'll look a lot older... I know mine do every time they have a haircut.

    I'm so sorry Bertie hasn't yet returned. Fingers crossed.

  2. I'm with your little one, I don't like long hair either cos it blows in your face in the wind! Make sure you post a pic of the new do, and still praying for Bertie.

  3. Oh No - you and Cherub are mine and Luca's allies in the long haired boy department. I know how you will miss his long hair - but he might be a dredlocked teenager in a few years!

    i hope there is some good news on the Bertie Wooster front. cats are remarkable and i hope he returns soon.

  4. I have been stalker-like in my behaviour lately, refreshing your blog throughout the day to see if you posted that Bertie had returned home.

    I got a bit excited when this new post appeared, but am now very sad to know he still hasn't shown up.

    They are such little buggers when they do this!

    I think of him often, and hope he is ok. I know, I know, I sound like a crazy obsessed stalker, but I do know how worrying it is and I am worried on your behalf.

    As for Cherub, that face would be gorgeous no matter what the hair style.

    Fretting along side you Stomper. Hang in there...

  5. I didn't read the title properly before I jumped in here and thought you had written "I got the missing cat" - yay! I thought.

    Bugger I think now. Bloody bugger.

    And I am wistful yet pragmatic about that dear boy's hair.

  6. Me too! I thought Bertie had turned up. Rats!

    And ...its sad that the day has come,but your sons are both soooooooooooooo handsome that a change of style will be water off a duck's back.

    ANd there's always the teenage years to look forward to.

    I also agree with the young fella, having recently grown my hair after years of short hair - it does blow in your face, and I lie on it in bed when I roll over.(however, NOT about to cut it for now)

    Oh the freedom he will experience!

  7. You need a cool hairdresser to give him a surfer dude cut. A bit long, a bit not. You know the one. The prep girls will swoon.

  8. Oh god! Heartbreaking. Our nearly 4yo has a wild mane of golden hair and really wants to keep it at the moment but I will cry when he wants it gone. Poor you.

    I do hop Bertie Wooster shows up soon.

  9. One of my US blog friends, got his son's hair cut and boy oh boy - he was sooooo handsome under all the hair. I am sure your baby will be the same - he'll look all grown up!

  10. I'll echo some others' comments: don't be surprised if the locks get grown back at some point, when they become "cool".

    Still hoping for the best for Bertie.

  11. He will be Prrrrrreeeettttyyyy and cool no matter what you do to that hair. It's just part of him.

    Sending Bertie more "Come home dammit" vibes!

  12. Doesn't he know he looks like a rock-star?
    I guess it's a few more years before long hair goes from girly to hunky status.

    Make sure you save it.

    I'm thinking homeward bound thoughts for your kitty.
    We had a kitty get trapped in someones garage once when they went away for vacation. We finally heard him mewing from the garage while searching the neighborhood and somehow my mom retrieved him. ( I was too young to remember all the details.)
    I'm hoping your guy returns safely soon.

  13. Oh dear, I haven't read you for a few days and didn't know about BW. How terrible for you. I do sympathise. My fingers are very much crossed.

    (Will it seem very bad if I admit that I actually do think C looks a teeny bit like a girl. A very lovely one. But I can see his point.)


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