Wednesday, September 09, 2009


98: percentage of correctly answered questions achieved in Fixit's exam result for Electrical Fundamentals. Now he's trying to tell me all about Aeronautics. (Fas-cin-ay-ting). *Oops I mean Aerodynamics, see how I don't listen?* I got my own back by telling him how I learned to fold a Masu Box, the first time ever that I've successfully understood an origami instruction sheet. He rolled his eyes at me.

11: number of different coloured Masu Boxes made yesterday in a rush of blood to the head.

masu boxes
104: number of triangles I have cut for my various bunting projects. Two strings of bunting have been completed, and two are waiting for me to build up steam again.

8: weeks since the cat disappeared. Yesterday I looked at a couple of Burmese breeders sites and wondered if we could really afford another purebred when we'd squandered the one we had.

pictures of you
(thank you to fellow cat-person Stacey for sending me the photo frame)

386: photos taken on new camera at the kiddies tap classes on Saturday.

90: the percentage of said photos featuring me where I wished I'd sucked in my stomach. No, I'm not publishing those ones.

small tappers
21: sleeps till the Cherub's birthday. Countdown has been in progress since before my birthday. Which was in June.

birthday countdown
(He's left-handed, can you tell?)

4: items created by me for a forthcoming swap. One more in the pipeline.

4.01: GB available on my Mac's hard drive, meaning that I can't download any new photos from the fancy camera to the Mac until The Guy comes to my rescue.

(one of the photos not downloaded onto the Mac; fortunately the Aldi PC is still going strong and has lots of room)

1: photo per day to be added to this site for the next year. Not sure how long I'll last, she said confidently, but I started yesterday and it is all going very well so far.


  1. Way to go Fixit! Woo hoo!

    So much productivity at your house, I am hoping just by reading your blog some of it will rub off on me.

  2. All good numbers, except for the one about Bertie. That made my heart catch again!

    Just for the record, you didn't squander him. You loved him, appreciated him and gave him a good home. You played with him, spoiled him and were good owners.

    What is not so good is the way people mistreat animals. The little things don't get the love in all their lives that Bertie received in the short time he was with you. If you are ready to pass on that love to another lucky animal, I say go for it, it may be a good thing for all of you.

    Well done to Fixit. What a clever boy. You are even cleverer for picking him!

  3. Yeah...what Aunty Evil said.

    No squandering of cats took place in this lifetime. There was only love.

  4. Excluding Bertie - who you did NOT squander - those are some quite impressive numbers especially on the exam.

    Love the cack-handed ticks!

  5. Yay for Fixit. Fabulous number!

    Loving your new photos and marvelling at your productivity.

    Love the tap-dancing snaps. Love the outfits on some of your little charges!

    Like Aunty says - YOU DID NOT SQUANDER BERTIE. You love love loved him.

  6. I *can* tell! I do my ticks the exact same way :)

    Loving the headless tap-kiddies, there's something cute about that shot!

  7. Yay for Fixit. We all knew he'd breeze through it didn't we?

    And look at you and Kim, getting all crafty.

    RIP Bertie Boy, who was loved, not squandered.


  8. Oo, well done Fixit!

    Your new camera takes loverly photos, I must say.

  9. As all have said, Bertie was not a squandered cat, he was a snuggled cat. Just so you know, some totally insane people dump or give up their pedigree cats, you might find one at the RSPCA or Local Cat Home. Some breeders also sell their old sires & queens (desexed) as pets too. Not quite like getting a new kitten ... but you'd be helping out a furry friend.

  10. The stripey socks again ... VERY NICE.

  11. Congrats to Fixit for his 98!

    Your Masu boxes look great. Now you're making me wonder, though, in my bleary-headed fashion, whether rednecks think rolling tobacco up in cigarette papers counts as origami.

    Regarding Bertie, you didn't squander him. Life happened. His disappearance is a tragedy, and tragedies unfortunately do happen. I'm not sure what you could have done differently, other than maybe encase him in a giant plexiglass cube so he couldn't move. We try not to be careful with the ones we love, but allowing them life requires some degree of risk.


    Aww, your boys are all so beautiful...

    I wonder if a cat that didn't look quite like Bertie would make them miss him less. (If that makes sense.)

  13. Finally, someone who ticks like me! Go for it Cherub and never let them tell you nay.

    Not that I'm harbouring hurt for all those jibes about left hand ticks AT ALL.

  14. I'm impressed with both of you!

    I'm also giggling about Cherubs checks.

    Looks like Z is left handed too, and he cuts everything backwards. (At least backwards to me!)

  15. I'm mightily impressed by the amount of productivity in your house.
    Now you've folded all of those boxes, what are you going to do with them?
    As for the cat question, you know my thoughts on Orientals. They are a pretty hard act to follow.
    Harvey's breeder also has Burmese and I don't think he was overly expensive. Let me know if you want their contact details.

  16. You're a pretty smart cookie so it figures you would have snagged a pretty smart fellow! Congrats to Mr. Fixit.

    What Aunty E said. I felt that way about Miss Sophie... the if-onlys... follow your heart on that one.

    LOVE the pictures! One-a-day... ambitious but doable... especially with a new camera to experiment with.

  17. Nice set of numbers! Congratulations on Mr Fixit, new camera, and all the rampant productivity. Think I'll go and lie down ;-)

  18. Just nod and say, Dahling, when lift and thrust overcome drag and weight, you have flight. Voila. ;)

  19. Trust Sueeeus to weigh in on the aerodynamics bit. Although I understood what she was saying this time, which is a first! Last time it was all about the intenal temperature of haystacks and at what point they spontaneously combust.

    Yeah, I know.

  20. Correct, but can you explain how lift is less than weight during a steady climb?....or what is the result if thrust minus drag is greater than weight during a climb?...and if so, can you make it interesting enough for stompergirl to listen to without being distracted by shiny things??

  21. The new camera is being put to very good use. Beautiful shots of your beautiful, brainy, birthday-anticipating boys!

  22. If a gorgeous stomper girl dressed in glittery purple tap shoes is standing still, not tapping, then lift and weight are equal, but once she leaps into the air with one of her stunning moves, the lift is more than the weight and she is airborne, however, when she is returning from said leap, the lift is less than the weight, and she will land with a resounding tap of those glittery, sparkly, shoes. (giggle)

    Thrust and drag would be similar, but the dance moves would be lateral.

  23. Hey, I'm left handed and I don't tick like that! Don't go picking on the boy!!

    Congrats to Fixit - that is awesome news - I hope you celebrated!

  24. Well done Mr Fixit! Maybe glittery eyeshadow would help. Then, you'd have drag and flight, and possibly even thrust. And the glitter would help in retaining said stompergirl's attention. My word verification is 'mantiva' - change that 't' to 'd', and there's a man diva :P

  25. Ha! I knew it!

    Congrats Mr Fixit!

  26. Well I know I am old & all, & have no right to get so breathless about a man... but...OMG Fixit! How gorgeous is that man!

    Ahem. Lovely photos & numbers happening here!


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