Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Grade 3 Concert and the aftermath

Climber had his school concert last night. His class did a bird theme. They started very chirpily (!!) with Rockin' Robin, followed by the girls doing The Tennessee Birdwalk. Then Climber's group, as alleged birds of prey, shuffled around to Three Little Birds by Bob Marley; their costume was grey/brown/black clothes with some rasta stylin's on their heads. This is how he looked when he came off stage:

concert make-up 454

which is pretty! But this is what we saw from out in the auditorium ..

who is that child 443

... and I swear to God I missed half of Rockin' Robin because I could not recognise him even though I knew what he was wearing.

Anyway, after the concert while I was out dropping Nell home, he got upset (about how much homework they're expected to do this year, Fixit found mistakes in his maths when they got home and it all spiralled from there), so when I got home he slunk out of bed in tears and I had to soothe him for a good half hour (this finally worked) and he wouldn't have slept till 10pm-ish.

This morning his eyes looked like this, only worse:

tired eyes 03

So I kept him home from school for a mental health day. We did some chores then I bought a fancy camera.

self-portrait with new camera

So then, natch, I had to take photos of flowers:

freesias 08

And Climber wanted to have a go, so he took a photo of me:

hiding in the washing 44

And we baked a cake:

lemon cake 22

Then we picked up Cherub and I continued to try out the fancy camera on the boys.

cherub tries to duck 64

The End.


  1. The Mental Health Day was obviously badly needed, he looks like a different boy at the end of the post! ;-)

  2. Ah, the joys of having an at-home mum. I'm sure he felt much better at the end of it.

    I do think it's ridiculous to give small children lots of homework - homework at all, in fact. Down with it. (I don't like doing homework either, come to that.)

  3. I call those days 'psychologicals.' Everyone needs them every now and then.

  4. I love how your new camera works! Looking forward to lots of lovely piccies.

    Kids are given so much to do these days! Homework, sport, concerts. When are they supposed to just be kids?

  5. Oh, oh, oh! Beautiful boys on your beautiful camera.

    Have I aired my views on homework before? Luckily I carry a soapbox with me for such occasions. Homework is a load of rubbish. It should NEVER cause any family distress and if it does it should not be done!

  6. We have a do not hide their faces policy for school concert for exactly that reason.
    My kids get one mental health day per term at their own discretion and it can make the world of difference.
    The new camera is very very exciting.....

  7. the MHD (as we would say here) was obviously a good idea, something I might have to copy next year...

    oooh and congratulations on the new camera, what sort?

  8. Nikon D5000. My siblings and I received some inheritance money from Mum, and I used some of that. The rest is for music lessons!

  9. Homework! Urgh!
    Luckily my boys don't mind doing it, but even so, it takes up so much of my time (my time!) just getting them organised to do it every evening.
    An occasional Mental Health Day is a good thing, I think.
    Love the new camera!

  10. AH, the MHD, replenisher of souls.

    Poor baby, kind Mamma, nice camera!

  11. They get bigger but they always think the homework is too much! Back at college, second week, The Bean is moaning about chemistry homework and how can you learn it when the prof hardly speaks English?! Great idea to let Climber have a MHD --- looks like it was just what the doctor ordered!

  12. Well I'll say, they are some fine pictures you have snapped with your new, whiz bang toy. And as for the homework issue, I go through that every night with Le Artiste, he's only seven, and it makes me want to cry, poor kid.

  13. Oh those eyes! Poor baby! Mental health days are fabulous especially if mum gets to buy a flash camera! ;-) Would do wonders for my mental health I can tell you! ;-)

  14. Mental Health Days are a must!

    Great camera shots - very nice indeed. And what a lovely splurge for yourself.

  15. Oh, those eyes, mental health day definitely in order. And it sounds like a good one.

    Come to think of it, I need one of those too.

    The mention of Rockin' Robin has sent me flashing back to Callisthenics recital when I was about Climber's age, and wearing a robin costume...

  16. My youngest had a mental health day last week. And Son #2 seems to regularly need them - he gets headaches that mysteriously disappear at 9.30am.

    My kids rarely get homework. Even the Year 9 one, which I'm a little concerned about if I concentrate hard, but mostly I'm ok with it.

    (Ha! Word verif is pinimal. My boys get a pinimal amount of homework). (Well it amused me).

  17. What ? No mention of my fantastic seat-nabbing skills at the concert?
    I'm v jealous of the new camera

  18. mental health days are the best. I also like the ones where a child is "sick' so they have to stay IN BED and you can't leave the house so you do minor chores and then have no choice but to read a book.

    Or is it only me that has those ones?

  19. If only there was the possibility of having a mental health day from parenting!!! :)

    Fat Mumma xx

  20. Lovely photos!

    Everyone, EVERYONE needs a mental health day now and then....

    Miss A came home with a homework sheet from Pre-K (PRE-K!!!). We didn't do it. She's FOUR! We review our letters and numbers, etc. but homework? No.

  21. Good on you. I am sure there are lots of kids who could do with a MHD here and there.He looks like he had a good day.


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