Thursday, September 17, 2009

To Do List

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Normal stuff in my life that I have to organise.

  • Daily meals
  • Show and Tell contributions/ homework / notes / library books
  • Play-dates / sporting activities
  • New student inquiries
  • Routines for tap classes
  • Groceries
  • Laundry
  • General knowledge of location of everything in the house etc

Extra stuff in my life that I have to organise over the next 2 months

  • Rainbow swap items
  • School holiday activities including going to the Royal Melbourne Show
  • Cherub's birthday and birthday party
  • Fixit's birthday
  • Print run of t-shirts for my tap school
  • Performance at the Station Street Fiesta
  • The roster and general running of the Champagne/Strawberries & Cream Stall at the School Fete
  • Performance for a book-launch
  • Performance for a Kinder Fundraiser
  • My first ever Tap School End of Year show with outside venue and equipment hire

My poor sister rang me to discuss bringing her kids and herself to Melbourne to stay with me, -maybe once, maybe twice- within this period, (with the added request of some babysitting favours while she photographs the horsies at the Spring Racing Carnival) and received a more-than-slightly hysterical response. Sorry sis. Mostly I think I'm on top of my to Do List but it doesn't take much to knock me off.

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  1. I seem to have just made it through my incredibly long list of things to do in August/September. I am not certain of my sanity...

    Lots of those things on your list sound like good fun. Keep your eye on those, they'll see you through.

  2. Wow! To have the vigour of the Young!
    Little wonder it is a special cult in some commintities!
    Good Luck with it all!XXXX

  3.'t say the word that starts with a 'C' and ends with an 's' (clearly I'm in denial this year).

  4. Eeeeuw. this is why lists are BAD!

  5. Oh crap, Christmas. Really? So soon. Now I'm REALLY depressed.

  6. Your list looks like my lists, without the tap-dancing bits, of course.

    And they never get shorter do they? Stuff just keeps getting tacked onto the bottom of the list as quickly as stuff gets crossed off!

  7. Ooo, rainbow swap. That's just been added to my holiday to do list. Thanks!

  8. life justs gets busier from now on. I add another thing, email your mother and give her a few wors from home.


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