Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hit and Miss

Climber in a Tree 525

I usually enjoy school holidays. I like slouching around, spending time with the boys and doing fun activities with them. And these ones have been good like that, we've done lots of good stuff like tennis, The Show, play-dates, bike-rides, swimming. But I don't know. This holiday the boys have been a little bit ... annoying. I think maybe we're all tired, which means Climber gets snappy with Cherub more easily, Cherub starts whinging at the drop of a hat, and then I end up getting cranky at the pair of them and looking forward to school starting again.

Cherub, not Climber 531

I mean, it's not that bad, but I am conscious that we're all not getting on as well as usual and I can see that it's mostly tiredness. Having said that, we still seem to be doing stuff every day. This week has been blog-related. Tomorrow Pea Soup and her boys are going to hang out with us at a bowling alley. And today we were supposed to meet with Sheeps Clothing and House & Baby at a park on the other side of town from me. Only next time we do that we are going to make sure we've all got each others' mobile phone numbers and that we've set a specific place in the park to meet, because the one we met at was enormous and so Sheeps Clothing never found us at all, and if House & Baby hadn't had my number in her phone I wouldn't have seen her either. That was because I went to the middle of the enormous park not the end bit which was hidden from view. Anyway, my boys were feeling tired and hot by the time we met up so although it was lovely to see House & Baby (in 5-minute snatches between Dangerbaby rescues, there is no stopping the very cute Dangerbaby) ...

H&B and Dangerbaby 532

... and although it was a terrific park, by the time we got home again after braving the hell-traffic on Punt Road, the boys were fractious and needed 5 minutes in separate rooms to collect themselves. They've been fine ever since. Fixit sang their praises to me when I got home from teaching tonight, told me how good they were.

cherub and dangerbaby 533

There are no pictures of Dangerbaby's big brother, but he was there too. So sorry, Stacey. Next time, next time!


  1. I'm starting to notice a pattern with school holidays. Wednesday of the second week my patience starts to wear thin and we all start looking forward to school again. Until then its a big-bliss-love-in! They do parks bigger on the other-side don't they? ;-)

  2. I see that Climber has been achieving some serious climbing there. But I'm more with Cherub and the reclining.

    Do you think the tiredness and annoying levels have had anything to do with this miraculous rain we've been having?

  3. What a climb! We could have used your boy to help my Pete chop down that tree in our backyard.

    How lucky you all are to be having blog/tweet meets.

  4. I always look forward to spending more time with my big kids when school holidays come around and by the end I'm always ready for them to go back to school! Homeschooling Mamas are AMAZING as far as I'm concerned. I NEED school!

  5. I'm usually relieved when my two start back to school. I miss them, but we are all better on a routine schedule... school holidays always seem to start off organized and gradually we get off schedule and end up cranky and irritated and overwhelmed.

  6. It's a week for near misses for me. Today I've bought in some lovely raspberry muffins for a morning tea that is next Thursday. Hmm...
    I was so very disappointed to miss you.
    I'm in the same boat with the boys and the holidays. So tired of the arguing. I don't intervene as such, just send them to different corners of the house until they decide they can play nicely. And repeat. Again.

  7. I really think that they just get out of practice of having to be around each other. Mine are really good when they are only around on week-ends but as a full time job - sheesh. Bummer at missing Stacey. Perhaps we should all do a super big one in the city park one week-end.


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