Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tennis, Anyone?

Two holidays ago, when we did a school holiday tennis clinic, Climber came home the proud winner of movie tickets. We sent the Climber off again to get more tennis winnings for tennis-y fun, only this year we sent the little brother along too. Cherub tried his (left AND right) hand(s) at tennis for the very first time (he was better with his left) and despite the fact that his technique looked like this:

ninja tennis 08

... it was he who brought home the movie ticket bacon. I think this was largely due to his being teamed with a child who could actually hit the ball back over the net, something I'm not convinced Cherub can do yet. But he had a great time so who cares?

Climber won everything in his group this year, he is the seasoned pro now..

tennis clinic 17

so he won a hat.

climber with new hat 07

Both boys also won a new shirt. Here is Cherub modelling his:

Cherub's new shirt 506

As you can see he has plenty of room to grow with this one.

cherub's shirt 509


  1. Nicely done boys!

    So, back next year for more loot?

  2. Cherub's expression in that first pic is absolutely priceless. Now that is dedication, be scared ball, be very scared.

  3. Oh I can see a young Lleyton Hewitt in that first pic... COME ONNNNN.

    You look nice in the tshirt, pity there wasn't any adult classes going on.

  4. I played tennis my entire childhood and don't remember winning ANYTHING of substance. Not that I was bad, just that there were no prizes. GYPPED.

  5. HAHA! I LOVE that first pic of the Cherub. Classic! He totally means business, you can tell.

    And well done, Climber! Maybe he'll go pro and support you and Fixit in your old age, eh? There are worse ways to make a living!

  6. Someday they will be famous and you will be RICH! Not that they aren't making you rich already, with their in general fantasticness...

    Love the Cherub's face on that shot. Talk about concentration! Climber looks like an old pro.

  7. Doesn't he look the role?! It never ceases to amaze me how they can do things so easily sometimes. Of course, when it comes to picking up toys, suddenly they're not quite so agile and quick, are they?!

  8. Milo shirt - much in demand. Everyone loves milo.

    Well done to your sporty duo.

  9. I so wish my boys would play tennis but they are just not interested. They do like totem tennis though.

    I started lessons when I was about Climber's age and look where it got me!

    Where you ask? Mid week ladies of course. I am officially one of those ladies you see pushing the supermarket trolley in a tennis skirt.

    Has Cherub done the Lleyton hand thing yet?

  10. Keep you eye on the ball, boys!

  11. My girls are off to tennis next week - the first time for the IP. Perhaps she and Cherub could team up for mixed doubles...if they ever get the ball back over the net.

    Ha! Word Verif = inalect. Yep, I have one of those.

  12. Good ol' tennis camp. My two are tennis camp veterans. We might branch out these holidays and do sailing. Such a Sydney thing to do.

    Our local tennis coach still gives out cans of soft drink as prizes. I remember tennis coaches doing that in the 1970s. Giving out a cap and/or movie tix is quite enlightened.

  13. Stomper look at you! - you are so petite!

    Good to hear your boys are on their way to Wimbledon fame and (more importantly for you) wealth!

  14. I just had a hot milo. Mmm, get my iron fix.

    Not only did you guys get your milo fix, you also got some exercise too! Well done to all involved!

  15. So we'll be seeing you out and about in that t-shirt??

    Congrats on the tennis winnings..


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