Saturday, September 26, 2009

Royal Melbourne Show 2009

We went to the Royal Melbourne Show on Friday, and apart from the terrible weather (this is us leaving at lunchtime when the rain started, and just as well we'd got there so early)...


... it was pretty much a rerun of last year's visit, only with slightly bigger children.

As per the rules, no child was doing any of the fairground type fun until they'd had a Rural Experience aka Compulsory Visit to the Animal Nursery. The older two children enjoyed this, and spent a long time patting and observing.

lambs 90

But the younger ones had to be encouraged into interacting with the animals and spent much of their time standing aloofly in the middle, making each other laugh by talking about stepping in poo.

Not Patting Anything

However, eventually the little city-slickers spotted a sheep they did like the look of and made a beeline for it.

faux sheep 82
(it's not a real sheep)

Also, Crafty had to accompany her youngest down the Giant Slide, and arrived at the bottom looking windswept and exhilarated. Ever since, I've been completely jealous, and have put it on my list of things to do next year.

giant slide 135

Full photo set here


  1. Quite similar to our trip to the Show, including the Giant Slide! We also have the compulsory Government Pavilion for the educational AND free stuff.

  2. Will one of your boys let you slide with them or will you just gon on your own?

  3. I have never been to the melbourne show...maybe next year, I do like the look of that slide but which colour would I slide on???

  4. I have to admit, that slide does look like fun.

  5. Many questions...

    1. Why didn't you just go on the slide in the first place?
    2. Why, if question 1 is unanswerable, did you not decide to go all monkey see-monkey do and go on it after you saw Crafty do it?
    3. Why do you have to wait until next year, you were RIGHT THERE!
    4. How long did it take Crafty to get the knots out of her "windswept" hair anyway?

    Anyway, glad you had a good time!

  6. I love a big slide and that one looked particularly good. My boys went on the smaller one on the way out and loved it.
    Such a shame it rained :(

  7. Cute sheep - the real ones - and that slide does look tempting. I would have just gone for it.

  8. Have you never been down one of those slides before???
    And there was even a purple one!!

  9. I love the show. I have to admit I kind of wonder, like Aunty Evil, why you didn't just go there and then!?

  10. I think I was feeling slightly appalled by how much money we were spending that day. Next year I will pay the extra 3 bucks for some fun for me.

  11. Those slides ROCK! Our waterpark has one of those and it is called a mat racer. Everyone starts at the same time up top and races to the bottom.

    Definitely worth the $3 next year!

  12. Ah, profile shot, my favourite angle, AND yawning, thanks!

    Aunty in answer to your question, I never get the knots out.

    It was a great day despite (or because?) of the weather, thanks again Stomper...


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