Sunday, October 03, 2010

Fifteen candles.

Blowing the candle out; Part I.
(Morning celebrations with Grandma and Pa.)


Blowing the candles out; Part II.
(Afternoon celebrations with friends.)


Blowing the candles out; Part III.
(Evening celebrations with Fixit and Nell.)


Verdict:  Best birthday ever.

Still to come: Cupcakes at school, Monday morning, and a party in a park with school friends, next weekend.   The Festival of Cherub seems very big this year, but I suppose you're only seven once.


  1. Happy birthday! The more candle-blowing, the better, in my book.

  2. Ahh, the big 7.

    I've been meaning to tell you that I love the pics you post on here - they so remind me of my homecity (because, well you do live in Melb and I originally lived in Melb) and there is a familiarity to your pics. =)

  3. I remember when the count down started MONTHS ago! That's a lot of birthday anticipation to make up for. Happy birthday kidlet!

  4. You need to blow out lots of candles when you are 7, as practice for when you are 8!

  5. You can never have too much cake, particularly cake decorated with freckles. I hope he ate his seven year old fill!

  6. No point having a birthday unless there is a lot of cake.

  7. Oh yay!
    We are about to embark on the festival of our 7 year old too. It seems so big and important. Well worth the days of cake.
    Love the ric rac and washer from a few posts back too.


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