Friday, October 08, 2010

Return of the Camper and Fixit's Birthday

Climber returned from school camp this afternoon in one piece and not nearly as tired as he was last year, the only mishaps a nasty bite from a bull-ant and his towel in the lost property pile.  Lots of cuddles all round, and many tales to tell, and all of us happy to be the full family again. Directly we got home from school I ran him a nice hot bubblebath and let him soak off the tiredness and dirt while I deloused him. (One big nit and a lot of eggs, apparently not all other parents went to the effort of checking their kids heads before sending them off to camp *sniff*)

Then it was off to very nice pizzeria for Fixit's birthday dinner...


... where I failed 3 times to get the happy camper in focus.


In a way I think that's quite fitting, because if you're exhausted you don't feel very focussed so it makes sense not to look in focus as well.



  1. Happy Birthday, Fixit.

    (I wish my kids would come home... sigh.)

  2. the looks on your boys faces (all 3) are pricless... happy birthday Fixit..
    you gotta get some stranger to take a snap so you can sometimes be in the photos too.!..

  3. a person who cannot bear to see wrapped presents (even if I am the one who wrapped them, I have this overwhelming urge to rip the paper off)...WHAT WAS IN FIXIT'S PRESENT???

    Happy birthday to him.

    And please stop talking about nits, the minute you do, my scalp gets itchy.

  4. Your scalp!? MY Scalp!!

    A Smiths t-shirt, dvds (Richard Hammond Engineering, Flight of the Conchord and Monster Garage with Jesse "Loverat" James, a motorbike polishing kit, a set of post-it notes and an ipod sports armband.

  5. Nice haul Fixit and a happy birthday to you.

    I think that top picture of Climber is ace.

  6. So is he out jogging with that ipod sports band? Mind never worked right. Or maybe my arm is too fat for it?

    Anyway.... Happy Birthday Mr. Fixit!

    Love that Climber is wearing a pizza shirt at the pizzeria!

  7. Is the Cherub in his jarmies at the pizzeria?

    I love seeing kids in their dressing gowns in restaurants /after swimming lessons/at the airport.


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