Thursday, October 07, 2010

School Camp


Climber went off on the bus on Wednesday morning to his School Camp with all the other Grade 3s and 4s.  I pinned the Camp Information Notice on the kitchen noticeboard -as a reminder- weeks and weeks ago, I signed all the slips, I paid all the money, I made sure all the clothes he'd need were clean and dry and put away over the weekend, I sorted through all the available shoes so that I could find 2 pairs that fit him which didn't have holes in them (not as easy as it sounds), I got Climber together with the pile of necessary items, a suitcase and a laundry marking pen two days before he had to leave, and he and I did a preliminary pack together, including laying aside the clothes he'd wear on the day.  All items labeled, all items checked off, or circled if needing follow-up.

And then, on Tuesday night, the last night before Camp, having done all that and everything as ready as can be, I said to Fixit, just as I was about to fly out the door to teach: you need to check the kids for nits and find Climber a torch that works.

At which point I was accused of always leaving everything to the last minute, which meant there was never any margin for error.  I don't think he understands that it's just a case of me knowing my so-called margins.  Fixit is absolutely the sort of person who would have at least one working torch, and also the sort of person who would know where to find said working torch immediately.  (He knows where everything is in his shed.)  I don't need to give him any advance notice of this sort of thing.  Plus, even if by some complete unlikely mishap, like, say, an asteroid hit Fixit's shed, and Fixit Couldn't actually Find A Torch, I still had my pretty purple handbag torch as a grudging back-up.  I have to tell you that I resented that comment, and also that I told him as much.

The fact that I left it until today, the day before Fixit's birthday, to go present shopping for him, is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT.  There will be items that he likes wrapped in paper and adorned with cards, served with cake on the day, and nobody needs to say anything about margins or last minutes.


  1. Precisely. You and me (and everyone else reading this blog) know our margins and as long as that is the case there need be no commentary involving 'skin of your teeth' or 'in the nick of time'. So ner.

  2. In-frickin-deed!

    Fixit would REALLY have whinged if he had had to fill out all the bloody health forms and find the right money and put things in envelopes.

    Grrrrr. SOMEtimes Fixit, you just need to NOT go there!

    (joining you in feeling peeved)

    Oh, and happy shopping for the birthday!

  3. Yeah well these know it all types can just go jump. Just because I lose my keys on a daily basis, usually only seconds after I had them in my hand, doesn't mean they aren't in the house SOMEWHERE.

    And I don't know where the torches are either, thank God I have MDH to save the day...well, that's what he'd say, anyway! :)

  4. Call that a slim margin Fixit? I reckon if you're not scampering about for a working torch as you are throwing the kids in the car on the way to the bus then you've left a HUGE margin. Cripes I'd probably be ducking into Coles to get a torch.

  5. This is exactly what the last minute is for and precisely why you can find an odd assortment of items for sale at the 24 petrol station.

    Just pack him some carrots - they're apparently great for providing the nutrients needed for seeing in the dark.

  6. Did he find the nits as well as the torch?

  7. Just the torch Isabelle, they were free of vermin this week.

  8. I'm peeved too! Rob occasionally says something about my lack of organization, despite the fact that the children have their lunches everyday (except the day I gave Abby her brother's lunch and vice versa) and their clothes are laid out the night before, etc., etc. So what if I can't find the frickin car keys when it's time to leave! Give me YOUR set dear.


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