Sunday, October 17, 2010

Station Street Fiesta 2010

The annual Station Street Open Mind Fiesta is run by the Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria and aims to help remove the stigma associated with Mental Illness. I've been proud to be a part of this festival for the last 4 years, and to support such a worthy cause.

I think we had a really good show today, and luckily for us, the bad weather held off.  Here are some shots of us, and there are more over here.

This is The Tap-pets; myself and the lovely Miss Kaye, performing the opening number.
tappets 0453

Below, you see the Tiny Tappers, all of them too small to even be at school.  This photo here shows us doing little shoulder drops, which was a winner with the audience, a collective Aw! came up as they did it.


These kids are the Junior Shufflers, and here you see us being Supercalifragilistic etc, I'm having an invisible cuppa at this moment, I hope I don't always make this face when I drink tea.


Ah, the Gliding Groovers, they are getting to be very clever tappers.  This is a moment of stillness just before the music starts, but they all love this dance so you can see the anticipation on their faces.


The Tapsters, who performed an acapella routine with rather advanced moves in it and kept the beat nice and strong.  This photo shows them doing their second routine, the one they did with music: the line here is you can't see my feet cos they move so fast  and look, its true!


The kids and Miss Kaye did a fabulous job, and we all enjoyed ourselves enormously. As ever, I am indebted to Mister Fixit and the wonderful Nell for all their help. I hope Nell's case of the shakes has subsided, she was in charge of Music On And Off and had to contend with the clapped out switch on my ipod so she says she got a bit tense! Thank you Nell, you rock. Thanks also to my Dad who took these lovely photos for us.


  1. Fantastic! Those kids are getting bigger and bigger!

  2. There is a small possibility I caught a fleeting Tea Drinking Face during that last craft camp.

    In the meantime that is one mean tapping posse you have going there - mighty fine work you toe tapper you!

    (Less impressed that you've put Supercaligrafilistic (etc) in my head).

  3. You do indeed have speedy feet and I am disappointed that you drank coffee when I sat with you and missed out on seeing your tea drinking face...

  4. Looks like everyone had a wonderful performance! Sorry we didn't make it in the end. It was an eventful morning as I explained in my message. Quite amusing to look back on now.

    Still hoping to get back into the tapping now Miss A is a bit older. Need to wait until the bank balance is a little healthier though. Will keep stalking you until then. :)

  5. Wonderful! And my goodness, look how tall the Climber is getting. Yipes. He'll be passing you up in another few years!

  6. A cause close to my heart.

    Thank you stomper.

  7. Tap - a - licious! Great photos - you can see that you are all having a splendid time indeed!

  8. Feets ablur :) What fun it all looks.


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