Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Last of the Festival of Cherub

The hostessing is over, just the cleaning up to do.  Hurray.


The last event in the Seventh Annual Festival of Cherub took place this morning: the boys from his class at school, in a park, with fairy bread & honey joys, fruit & chips, and chocolate cake coated with an entire bag of smarties...


Let's not forget also the 7 litres of cordial, which provided a welcome activity in the final half hour of the party when owing to a few disagreements and boyish exuberance we were racking our brains for a something that they could do which would be fun and non-destructive, and the answer turned out to be taking the whole lot of them to the public toilets (because they'd all drunk so much cordial) where there were automatic doors and piped music!

Oh look, baby music!  Hey, it's my turn to push the button.  Oh this one stinks, come and smell!  Let's shut him in there.


  1. Great cake. Look at that little Ron Weasley sitting next to Cherub - gorgeous hair.

  2. Oh yum, that cake looks wonderful!


    Sigh...ohhh, honey joys...

  3. If it's any consolation, girl birthday parties can be just as scary. Are you sure you didn't nick some of the Smarties?

  4. There is NO WAY the entire bag of smarties would've made it on to any cake I'd made. Some of the bag, just not ALL.


  5. What a fab looking birthday cake! We love the fairy bread too.

  6. My Margot is very keen for me to make honey joys.

    And what m said.

  7. Love that cake. Can never possibly go wrong with chocolate icing and a bag of smarties. Can you make my next birthday cake please?

    As for the toilets, I'll leave those to you...

  8. I can't decide what I'm drooling over more, the Smartie speckled cake or all that glorious sunshine, mmmmm.

  9. I covet that cake! Oh those smarties are calling to me.

    Boys.... and they will be that way always... no matter how tall they get, their senses of humor remain the same.

  10. That looks like lots of fun and a super cake too!!

  11. Star Wars lego. My youngest together with all the boys in his class are obsessed with that at the moment.

    Love the cake.

  12. A toilet that sounds like a plan for someone who has completely run out of birthday party ideas and has daughters who expect me to keep coming up with them year after year.

    I can picture the invitations now!


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