Monday, September 25, 2006

A good gene pool

Fixit's Pop will be 90 on Tuesday. Ninety! He's in incredible shape really although he's shuffling round with a frame these days due to the clapped out knees and hips. He's still pretty with it too. He hasn't been in the nursing home for all that long, and before then he was pretty active, mowing lawns and fixing stuff for needy neighbours.

We had a surprise afternoon tea party for him at the nursing home on Sunday. Some of the other residents looked a bit grumpy, despite the influx of laughing children and afternoon tea goodies. It was a break in routine and clearly some of them really like their routine. One of them leaned over to Pop and said "I think you could have told me you were having a party". Hey, I'm sure he would have if he'd known about it... I don't really know how to talk to super-old people, I don't know why. I was a waitress for years, I can generally do small-talk. So it was good to have the kids along as an ice-breaker, and to see that they could bring a smile to a few faces. Cherub has a very infectious laugh.

God, though. Nursing homes ... I know the will to live is pretty strong, but I'm thinking it might be preferable to die before you need live in one. Unless they have computers and you can just sit and blog all day. That could be good. I hope all my favourite blog-sites are still going, we can bitch about grumpy other residents, boast about our great-grandchildren and complain humourously about all our ailments.


  1. how cute are your kids in their costumes???? They look adorable - I do think nursing homes are a little confronting.... wonder when they will bring in laptops as part of the room deal???

  2. I like the idea of a blogging nursing home. Bitching about whose got more readers, who is craftier...who has the fastest internet the old guy who knows the ins and outs of the server keeps downloading porn...

  3. I love the idea of a blogging nursing home community! We'll be sitting there, cackling away, throwing dentures at each other! And blowing spit all over the birthday cake!

    Bags a room!

  4. Bron, I haven't deleted your lovely comments I have just moved them here so they make sense!

  5. yes yes yes I LOVE the idea of the geriatric ward bloggers!

    thank you for de-lurking and please give rsm a go soon... off to read some of your back issues now.

  6. Ha !

    Yes, old people and nursing homes ( and hospitals ) give me the willies.

    People try to put us d-down
    Just because we blog around
    Things they do look awful c-c-cold
    I hope I can blog about .. gettin' old ...


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