Thursday, September 21, 2006

School Holidays

Aaahh, school holidays! Our big plan for these ones is to chill out, because I think the poor Climber is absolutely knackered and in need of some time out at home, playing lego and watching tv,that's right, I said watching tv. I'm going for a healthy mix of creative play and veg-out here, and yes, its a plan, not neglect, in case you were wondering.

We're still doing stuff. On Tuesday we visited the Kew indoor pool and its amazing water-slide (just the big kids, the littlies went to creche) with school-friend Ben. Apart from breathing in chlorine fumes for 3 straight hours and feeling like I'd spent too long in a noisy sauna, it was the easiest parenting gig in history. The boys stayed in the water till they got hungry and just played or rode the slide. More pics here.

We had a charming Sunday with pancakes for brunch; boy, were they ever a smash success! (Note to self, always cook at least 7/8 of the pancakes before serving up to the ravenous hordes or you may find that when you eventually sit down there are none left!)

The pancakes were followed by some family park play, here are the boys following the Fixit lead.

Beyond that, Climber has been having a really good time joining in with what are now everyday-Cherub-activities. Such as the Gym Creche (whilst I git funky at Body Jam), and Creche - he entertained the entire complement from the little kid's room for an hour in the sandpit! Monday Mother's Group was also more fun for all concerned, the Cherub joined in and played happily instead of badgering me, and the Climber was delighted to hang with Pippa and the younger girls. Lots of showing off on the trampoline.

The wobbly tooth is hanging by a thread, I fully expect the Tooth Fairy to visit tonight.


  1. I *love* the kids-mimicking-dad shots .. so gorgeous. I bet Dad loves it too .. ;)

  2. Those photos "like father, like sons" are very cute!

    I love the pool as an entertainment solution for kids. Even little ones like mine enjoy it and now he's learnt survival skills and can save himself if he accidentally falls in, I don't have stress quite so much. In other words, I don't hang over him every second he's near the water and shout at him if he goes above the ankle line!!


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