Friday, September 22, 2006

In the wee small hours of the morning

5.45am Friday 22nd September: Awake to the sound of Climber yelling my name loudly and repeatedly. His wobbly tooth fell out! Decide not to put it out for the Tooth Fairy until tonight so that we can properly inspect and admire the tooth. Go back to bed. On way walk past Fixit and Climber both standing at the toilet bowl doing their morning wee together. Nice father/son bonding, guys.

9.00am Friday 22nd September : Check Climber's baby diary to work out how long he's had that tooth. (5 years, 2 months and 8 days. First to arrive, first to fall out). Realise will probably not be able to do the same thing for poor second child. Sorry, Cherub, your baby diary is full of blanks.

He looks so different. Will take a while to get used to the gappy smile!


  1. poor second child - there baby books do seem to be alot more blank than the first! I had no idea boys do morning wee together - wow the things you find out!!

  2. Cuteness!!! And what a shiny white little tooth! Glad you like the Lemon Muffin recipe - easy, hey?

  3. LOL at father-son bonding. Yuk ;)

    As for the baby book .. i'm ashamed to say the firstborn's is rather lax .. so I cringe to think about any subsequents:

    2010: Child B born !
    2031: Happy 21st B'day, Child B !!


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