Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Show!

I'm surprised I've got the energy to blog today because we went to the Royal Melbourne Show this morning! Hauled ass out of the house before 9am, parked at North Melbourne station for free, caught the express train straight to the showgrounds and then ... dodgem cars, free ABC kids show featuring Fifi and Bumble, animal nursery (ohmigod, got a little bit claustrophobic in there! As Fixit said it was worse than Ikea trying to get out. Luckily there was a little mini-tractor ride in the middle or one of us would have had a breakdown), miniature Gordon train ride (from Thomas the Tank Engine for those of you who don't have small boy children) , bouncing castle, fairy floss, Freddo Frog showbags, hot chips. And another train ride out of there. An excellent family outing. Lots of photos here. Worth checking out just to see how much fun Fixit is having on the Dodgems. He was itching to get on some of those death rides too. I felt sick just watching them.

"Can we go again?" asked Climber as we left. Sounds like a seal of approval to me.

In other news, Climber and I made his cake, the one he made up.

With just a little guidance, he invented and wrote down the recipe and mixed it all up, but sadly I think the actual document went out with the recycling. It was quite a nice cake. Cherub just licked the icing off his slice, slowly and lovingly; as his Great-Aunt Anne says, you should just give them a bowl of icing. So I pinched the centre out of his cake (well, he wasn't going to eat it and I didn't want the licked bits) at which Cherub exclaimed "oh, trockodile cake" picked it up and said "snap, snap". As you do.


  1. Yum!

    Glad you all survived the Show, I lurve the dodgems!

  2. I chickened out! Think its just been too long between drinks. But maybe next year ... how scarey could it be when all the other drivers are grandparents?


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