Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pyjama Day

Yes, its Pyjama Day at our school - you donate a gold coin and send your little snuggler off in their jarmies. I was wondering if it would make them all a bit sleepy and docile for the day; apparently not! Which was a shame, because it was my day to be classroom helper and I had to work with a group of 5 boys, including my own, who should never have been grouped together. Insults and interference and lack of work round the table. Had to ask for help from the teacher they were so vile to each other. They got into this 'cone of testosterone' and became deaf to all adults. One needed to go to the toilet and therefore a toilet buddy, the student teacher recommended the wrong child, so the one who didn't want to go pushed the toilet-needer twice when they were out there - tears. Another pair traded insults to the point where the insulted one ran up to the student teacher and said "he called me f***en stupid" (official confirmation that the Climber's recent use of this word is definitely from the schoolyard, not us. Not that we don't swear, mind. We do.) The Climber showed signs of wanting to be involved. One of the key troublemakers is also his best friend / chief-button-pusher. But bless his blue jarmies, he listened to me and obeyed. Just. I was glad to get out of there today. Here's a pic of the little darlings.

The lovely man that I am not married to, aka Mr Fixit, knew I was in meltdown yesterday and stopped off at the florist on his way home from work to get me these. He also charmed the shop-girl enough to score a bonus bunch of these. And got her to hold the push-bike for him while he organised floral arrangements into backpacks etc. What a guy. Hey, we might be poor, but we're 'appy.

Meltdown induced comfort baking today. Thanks to Pa Fixit we have a stash of fresh home-grown rhubarb, so I decided to try an internet rhubarb cake. Here's the batter in the pan, mmmm
Here's the cake going into the oven, now with brown sugar and cinnamon topping, yummee.
Here's the masterpiece after I tried turning it out from the tin, uh-oh.

And here's my sad atttempt at salvage.
The good news is that it's absolutely delicious. Looks aren't everything.


  1. Which is why I always line my tins, even when the recipe doesn't say so :-)

  2. So doing that next time I make this one!


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