Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I just got invited to join my first ever Flickr photo group and I got a little bit excited because it was like a blogging project and I could be with like a group! The theme was There Goes Ya Neighbourhood. I decided to go with the neighbourhood where I choose to hang out, that I know intimately, where we used to live; rather than the one where we now live, which I just tolerate. So Climber and I spent an hour this morning taking photographs of some of my favourite places :
  • the recently revamped spire on the Hungarian church which gleams in the sunlight and makes the Cherub call out "oh, roof" whenever we go past.
  • bluestone gutters because they represent inner-city living to me.
  • our old street sign.
  • Robina's wall, both a loving and lovely memorial to Robina who died aged 55. (I didn't know her but I like the wall)
  • Piedemontes Supermarket which everyone loves even though they whinge about how expensive it is, and which has the scariest carpark in Melbourne (daily fights and crashes according to staff!)
  • the "blue park" which our family has visited probably every week for the last 5 years.
  • the "stars bridge" where it's always a kid-bonus if you see a train going over.
Anyway, such was my enthusiasm for my little project that it wasn't until I put it all together that I realised that my presentation is pretty much a plagiarisation. Worse, I've copied from that stylish designer chick Aunty Cookie, who was the person who invited me to join the group. And now I can't be bothered to re-style it. I figure she's an experienced blogger/ designer / Flickr grouper so how she does it is right and good. I just mention this firstly as an apology and secondly because I'm vehemently anti people who think its okay to steal ideas and pass them off as their own OR people who don't acknowledge their sources/past teachers. (I've coloured those words in because I'd just love to make them links to a couple of cases in point, but I'm not gonna because at least one of the offenders I'm not linking to has a propensity to set her expensive lawyers onto people. But if she's reading this, you know who you are and btw my father is a lawyer who specialises in intellectual property. So back off.)

I should stop, I think I've got chlorine poisoning from our school holiday activity today. I will blog about that tomorrow.


  1. Yippe- thanks for joining up, even though its not my group, Im all in for sharing suburban love. & You can copy off me anytime! although I am going to copyright some tap moves Ive invented just in case...

    Im joking.

  2. Oh yay! I love finding new blogs through flickr groups. Nice to meet ya, blog!

  3. Classic !

    "My Dad's bigger than your Dad, and he's a policeman, so there !"

    Love it.
    And please, tell me secretly, who's the Debbie-Downer with the 'tude ? She sounds like a loser ;)


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