Wednesday, September 13, 2006


... but there are many bad spellers.

I don't get irritated by this sort of spelling though:

(On the weekend I played at the park. At night. I felt tired because I was late)

or this, or this:

This last was the Climber's contribution to the Prep T book entitled "Questions About Chickens" which was about the class egg-hatching project. The answer to his question was : Chippy Papadopolous. Well, for one lucky chicken anyway.

Other language stuff going on around here. Climber and I had a good little chat about swearing after my Pyjama Day experience. Sounds like the other kids have introduced him to the phrases "the F-word" and "the S-word". Obviously he knows the F-word, although I reckon he thinks the actual word is F*** en. But the S-word is not what I automatically assumed; Climber thinks the S-word is stupid . I'm happy to leave it at that.

The Cherub meanwhile continues to create magnificent language of his own. From yesterday :
Mr Fixit: I'll do it
Cherub : No, I want a turn a I do it"

Other things they say, just for the record.
Climber still saying aspose and betend for suppose and pretend.
Cherub says dood for good and eats torn plakes for bwekwist.


  1. Appropos of swearing, many bad words heavily underlined used yesterday, on discovering the house had been graffitied again. but what I'd really like to do is pour hot tar over all their possessions, ipods, mobile phones, etc, to give the ****** ********# an idea of what it feels like to have had things despoiled.
    #rotten bastards

  2. kids and the f word...... just the beginning hey ??!!

  3. Oh, I love the drawings ( and seplling ). Yeah, not so cute in adults though ;)

    S is for "stupid"
    I'd leave it at that too ;)

  4. Their and there, who's and whose, grrrrr I could go on and on...
    Sadly, both my kids know what the S word is. Bad mummy.
    Love the drawings. Preppies are so adorable aren't they?


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