Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Boy Tales & Girl Tales

Boy Tales
We received the Climber's school report today. He's doing well, and I was happy to see that his teacher had rated his Effort and Class Behaviour as Excellent.

Although. There would appear to be a discrepancy between what I think is important in his school achievements and what he thinks. Vis.


Bloggus Interruptus, via the Cherub, demanding that I leave the computer and attend to the dinner: You have to come in here NOW! The kitchen is noise-ing.

(Please ignore the grime.)

Girl Tales.
I'm having an iron transfusion next week. I spoke to a very nice haematologist today. We were having the introductory chat and he said tell me why you're here? and I said my GP referred me because my stored iron levels were quite low, at which he snorted and told me they're worse than low, they're zero. Which you know, actually they are SIX but I guess in the scheme of stored iron levels a six doesn't count for anything...

So I'm off to the Medi-hotel for a 5-hour stint with a needle in my hand. Glad I've got plenty of Anne books to be going on with. (I'm enjoying the re-read enormously, by the way. That first book is much funnier now that I'm a grown-up. I think I was too busy empathising and agonising with Anne through her dilemmas to get the funny side when I read them as a gel.)

He also wants a follow-up on why my iron levels are so pathetic, and bandied around Coeliac disease (needs to be tested, family history) and bowel cancer (dismissed because of my young age!! ) (shut up!). I'm ignoring these possibilities though. I reckon the pregnancies, the breastfeeding and the amount of exercise I do are the culprits. I don't want to hear no more about no serious diseases, fingers in ears, lalala.


I think the worrisome student has gone loco. Sounds like no food has passed her lips for a couple of weeks, so all proper brain function has ceased. I had a chat with her after class. That was when she started saying loco stuff. I said Eat, or I'll be requiring a medical certificate for you to attend this class. Kind but firm. Not that I think it will work, but it needed to be said.


  1. Ah, yes. Climbinge and skiping, it's amazing your son loves Chaucer...


    P.S. More dark leafy greens!

  2. My kitchen rarely noises - no one goes in there.
    LOVE climbers self-assessment. So cute.
    Medical cert was a good idea for Suicidal Woman.

  3. I do like his attitude to things.

    Hope the iron infusion goes well. At least, as you say, you have the books to keep you occupied.

  4. You should never underestimate the importance of climbinge and skiping!

    I am amazed you get so much done with such low iron, makes me feel a bit pathetic really. Hope the infusion goes well.

  5. Onya Climber. (Has he been reading that 'Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog' blog in his spare time then?)

    Good luck with needle iron transfusion thing oh I'm feeling faint just typing that ...

  6. Understand the lalala/fingers in ears....To docs these diseases are interesting. They recognise the names from med school---how fascinating. But this is your life here. Listen to the doc, eat your dark leafy greens [as prescribed by Dr. Joke], pop those iron and vitamin pills and don't let the needles freak you out...Good luck!

  7. actually, I was rather taken with Cherub's noiseing....

    Apparently, an iron infusion is a Total Blast.

    Wouldn't mind one meself.

  8. Climber can spell better than a lot adults!
    Good luck with the iron. Been there a couple of times myself..no one knows why.

  9. Loco-student: well handled.

    Climber - I wish I had his aspirations. I would like to take remedial elastics and handstands ...

    Bloodwork - eww ( don't forget to get tested for 17th century venereal diseases ! )

    Cherub - do you have a smoke alarm ? Mine went off recently and now I get told again and again and again about the BEEP BEEP BEEP!

  10. wow, I wish I could do a 180 while skiping.

    So does MDH.

    Good for your on your loco student. It had to be said!

  11. I have low iron as well, but not that low! I drink this stuff called floradix and if I miss a day, I cannot move off the couch.

  12. Not that I would want a needle in my arm for 5 hours but that much time spent reading Anne books makes it sound nearly "do-able". Hope it goes OK.

    And I am very intrigued as to what 180 - skiping is?

  13. Both your kids are adorable!

    With the iron transfusion, is that the same as a blood transfusion? If so, it sounds like giving blood (did that yesterday) is waaaay easier.

    ps: don't forget - new Doctor Who starts tomorrow night.

  14. Is Nutmeg serious? She doesn't know?

    OK. I will explain.

    As I see it, a 180 in skiping (or skipping) is when you can turn your body around to be facing the opposite direction, all the while continuing to skipe. I reckon it's pretty impressive meself. Only to be outdone by a 360 of course.

    (After that comes skiping while base jumping from cliff faces, planes and hot air balloons, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for Stomper!)

  15. For a minute there, I thought he was trying to say 'skiving', as in ditching school!

    heh heh

    Hope your iron levels come up - it really is an energy-must!

  16. The only thing lacking in Aunty's excellent explanation is the visual demonstration. Which Climber kindly provided for me because like Nutmeg I was not sure what a 1-80 in skiping involved. Even though I used to skip!! But I was into group skipping with the big rope and the little songs and the 'pepper'- when they tried to get you out by turning the rope rooolly rooolly fast.

    Cowboy Joe from Mex-i-co
    Hands up, stick 'em up
    Drop your guns and pick 'em up
    and O-U-T spells out you go!

  17. It's great that you're getting some Anne time but it's a bit fucking harsh that you've got to have a needle to get it isn't it???!!???xinm


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